Coffee Blends

The Light Roast, Extra Mile

Our original flagship coffee, Extra Mile, infuses energy into your day with rich chocolate, citrus, and tropical fruit tasting notes. Light, complex, and worth getting giddy about, it’s a coffee you’ll love made from coffees we love.

$21.99 a bag

The Medium roast,
Happy Place

Ripe with a bold body & a stunning array of candied nuts, citrus, and chocolate flavors, Happy Place invites you to remember that your everyday coffee ritual can be so much more than just dark liquid in a mug.

$21.99 a bag

The Dark Roast,

Power Hour

Featuring a caramelized sweetness, classic aromas, and a smooth chocolate flavor, Power Hour demonstrates that careful discipline and craftsmanship can transform any mundane activity into a vibrant, rewarding moment that defies expectation.

$21.99 a bag
Dark roast coffee bag that is front on

Featured Blend - October

Rising Champion — Ethiopia

Blueberry, Vanilla Bean, Almond

Charge forward at full-passion, no matter what the skeptics say.

Life’s too beautiful to hold back, and like the farmers behind this coffee—delicious with notes of sweet berry and smooth vanilla—it’s only a matter of time before your dream is recognized. Champions for a better world always rise.

$21.99 a bag

JavaPresse Signature Trio

With Free Grinder

Transform Your Favorite Coffee Ritual with the JavaPresse Taster Bundle. Whether you want to up your coffee game, buy a gift, or discover your next must-drink bean, this Taster Bundle is for you.

Packed with three bags of specialty beans plus a manual grinder, it’s everything you need to create an extraordinary daily experience.

Every cup of coffee Has a Story, what’s yours?

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Benjamin N.


"All in all, a splendid little grinder and at a very reasonable price. The only reason I would knock off a star is that adjusting the coarseness setting is a bit hit and miss. Once you have it dialed in for either Espresso (pretty fine) or French press (course) - the extremes that our household needs to access - it grinds the beans beautifully".

Glenn D.


I love this company! Two different times I've needed to contact customer support because of my own miss-doing and both times have had quick, personable, and kind service. Combine great products with amazing customer service and top it off with so much great information, I don't know how you can't fall in love with this company. I'm planning on a long term relationship with JavaPresse!"