All Natural, Additive Free, Organically Grown
All Natural, Additive Free, Organically Grown

Contagious happiness can start with your daily cup of coffee. Brew with beans from impact-driven farmers, shipped within 2hrs of roast for max freshness and flavor.

Man holding basket dropping beans into it


There’s power in the beans you’re holding to change everything. By investing in sustainable and ethical supply chains, we empower our farmers to put their hearts into their coffee. The result is more than these impeccably delicious beans, roasted with love.

It’s bliss with every sip and an inspiring reminder to savor it all, coffee and beyond. So brew a cup, redefine your morning, and let joy spill into your life. You deserve it.

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5 stars

Enjoy the small pleasures in life. We love the smooth golden taste of JavaPresse coffee. It is what gets us up and going to face our days.

- Ryan H.

Brewer’s Choice Changes Monthly

Featured Blend

Brave Spirit - Honduras

Cocoa, Nutty Like Peanuts, Mild Red Apple, Very Dessert Like

Map the journey and start your voyage. Brave Spirit represents the courage to remove the rules that keep you settled, so you can achieve your great next thing. Write your dreams and shout your ambitions. With Brave Spirit, nothing is too bold. Each sip is a jolt of passion that’ll help you go farther. When you embrace your deeply-held goals, nothing can stop you. Conquer your new path and make us proud. We’re firing up the roaster in your honor.

We’re Fueling Smiles Through Every Cup Of Coffee

132,000+ Smiles And Counting

With Every Purchase, We Partner With Causes That Spread Joy To Children

Everything You Need To Know About Using Your Coffee Ritual To Live A Happier Life.

JavaPedia is the world’s most comprehensive library of coffee brewing guides and knowledge to help you elevate your morning brew.

Every cup of coffee Has a Story, what’s yours?

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William F.


After purchasing my burr grinder from JavaPresse some months ago I was shocked at the amount of care that comes from the company towards clients! So not only do you get amazing products, incredible coffee, great service, and wisdom and insight (coffee and life related), but it all is wonderfully priced!!!

Rachel T.


Since buying my first JavaPresse product - the grinder - I have been continually astounded by the experiences I have had. Raj and his team go all out to deliver a customer experience which is way beyond what anyone could expect. All of the products, from the grinder, through the coffee, right to the new podcasts, show a genuine love and appreciation of coffee that I am so glad to be a part of. I would (and do!) recommend JavaPresse 100% to anyone who listens!

Heather B.


Combine great products with amazing customer service and top it off with so much great information, I don't know how you can't fall in love with this company. I just started the coffee subscription and received my first bag of freshly roasted beans. So Good. I'm planning on a long term relationship with JavaPresse 

Tyler D.


JavaPresse Coffee Company is quite an amazing company. They offer great products, great coffee, and excellent customer service, ensuring everyone is happy with their purchase. I currently have their manual burr grinder and it is a great product. I am also a member of their coffee subscription club and I absolutely love getting different coffee to try each month. I love dealing with this company and have no reservations about recommending them to others. I’m an extremely satisfied customer.

Kristy E.


Love the subscription!! After purchasing my burr grinder from JavaPresse some months ago I was shocked at the amount of care that comes from the company towards clients! I had expected the normal amount of satisfaction guaranteed service that is normally offered by companies, but I have never felt that a company really cared about the level of service they provide as much as JavaPresse does!!"