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Coffee Subscription

Why should I purchase your coffee versus the $8 bag at the grocery store?

How quickly does my coffee ship?

Do you ship internationally?

Do you ship to APO/Military bases?

Do you accept returns?

What if I don't like the coffee I purchased?

What roast level are your coffees?

I see a lot of fruity names on your coffees. Are your coffees flavored?

Why don't you ship pre-ground coffee?

How should I store my coffee?

Why can't I get my favorite blend or coffee year round?

What is Direct Trade? Is your coffee Direct Trade?

Are your coffees Certified Organic?

Are your coffees Kosher Certified?

Is your coffee genetically modified?

Is your coffee gluten-free?

What brew methods do you recommend for your coffees?

What beans will you be sending? Are they different every time?

Do you have Decaf coffee?

Can I get more of the last subscription coffee you sent me?

When will I be billed for my subscription?

How do I cancel my subscription?

When will my coffee ship?

What shipping methods are available for coffee?

What forms of payment do you accept?

Do you have gift options?

Does my gift subscription have an expiration date?

Is shipping included?

Can I subscribe to a particular coffee?

Can I change the amount of coffee I recieve each shipment?

Can I get an invoice for my order?

Can I unsubscribe from your emails?

What sort of emails do you send?

Can I pause my subscription?

Can I delay shipment of my order?

Are your coffees Fair Trade Certified?

Where is my order?

Can I change the day of the week my subsciption ships?

Can I change how often I receive coffee?

Can I change the type of coffee I receive on my subscription?

How do I update my subscription billing information?

What is a coffee subscription?

When is my coffee roasted?

What size bag does your coffee come in?

How many days does each bag of coffee last?

What happens if my package is never delivered or is returned to you?

I placed my order a week ago and still haven’t received my package. Did it get lost?

What will I receive with my coffee?

My shipment was damaged. What can I do?

Where is your coffee roasted?

What does Single Origin mean? Does it taste better than regular coffee?

What's the difference between Single Origin and the Blends? Are they better?

How do you pick the farmers you partner with?

Are your coffees flavored?

What makes your coffees different?

Coffee Grinder

Why is it important to grind my coffee right before brewing?

What are the benefits of hand grinding coffee?

How do you clean the grinder and how often should I do it?

I took the grinder apart and am unsure of how everything goes back together. Can you help?

The little black piece inside of my burr broke. Is this normal and how do I get it fixed?

I lost my instruction manual. Where can I find it?

What are the exact adjustment settings for various grind sizes?

How much coffee can I grind at a single time?

How do I use the grinder?

My grinder came without a handle. How do I go about getting one quickly?

I bought my grinder off of Amazon and they're support staff isn't very helpful. Is there somewhere else I can go for help?

I was told that my grinder has a 365 day warranty. What does that warranty cover?

I've been told this grinder is very travel friendly. What's the best way to make coffee when traveling?

Cranking my grinder manually is tiring at times. Is there a way to fix an electric drill to the top to speed things up?

Can you grind spices in the JavaPresse Coffee Grinder?

Where can I find a good manual coffee grinder?

What makes your manual coffee grinder great?

How do I adjust my manual coffee grinder?

How small is your coffee grinder?

Would you recommend a 'Normal' blade grinder or burr grinder?

Can I use your coffee grinder to grind seeds into flour?

I don't have a burr grinder. How can I use my blade grinder for a french press?

I have a lot of questions about burr grinders. Is there a place I can go to learn more about them?

Why should I grind coffee beans manually?

What size should I grind my coffee?

What is the measurement conversion for whole coffee beans to ground?

Would you recommend a 'Normal' blade grinder or burr grinder for french press? What about other coffee types?

Besides coffee, what else do you recommend using your manual coffee grinder for?

What is the life expectancy of ceramic burrs?

How do I know if my grinder's burrs are worn out?

How often should I change by grinder burrs?

Why should I use fresh ground coffee?

Pour Over Coffee

What's the difference between using paper filters and a permanent stainless steel mesh?

How wide is the base of your dripper and does it separate from the unit?

Can I use paper filters with your dripper if I wanted to?

How do I use your dripper?

How do I clean your dripper and is it dishwasher safe?

Can your dripper be used to brew tea?

How do you make coffee with a manual cone / filter setup?

What's the best device for pour over coffee?

What kinds of pour over coffee kits are used in coffee shops and where can I find them?

How do you clean your wire mesh coffee filter?

My permanent mesh coffee filter whistles when I rinse it under water. Is this normal?

How does your reusable mesh filter work?

Is it healthier to use paper coffee filters over wire mesh filters?

Do permanent coffee filters work as well as disposable paper filters? Can you tell a difference in taste?

How do you make pour over coffee?

French Press

What is a French Press?

I think I want a French Press Coffee Maker. What are the benefits of using one?

How does a French Press Coffee Maker work?

What's the difference between a Drip Coffee Maker and a French Press?

Is the coffee brewed from a french press coffee maker unhealthy?

How does a French Press make coffee taste better?

I see a lot of brands and models for french press coffee makers. How do I choose the right one for me?

I'm a student (living in dorm) and have heard a lot about french press coffee makers. Are they worth it for someone in college?

Do french press coffee makers require different coffee grounds?

What's the coffee to water ratio for a french press?

Is the coffee made in a french press stronger than coffee made in a 'regular' coffee maker?

What is the proper way to use a french press coffee maker?

Would a french press coffee maker make a good gift?

What kind of coffee should be used when using a french press coffee maker?

My mom is a coffee fiend. Should I get her a french press or regular drip coffee maker for her birthday?

What will happen if I use store-bought ground coffee for my french press coffee maker?

What's the most simple way to prepare ground roast coffee?

What's the largest size french press coffee maker I can buy?

Do you recommend a french press coffee maker for a 'clumsy woman' who has already broken 3 beakers?

Does the coffee left in my french press continue brewing?

How often do you change the filter on your french press coffee maker?

What size grind do I need for my french press?

Any secrets to good french press coffee?

Can a french press make espresso?

Can you add flavors to french press coffee and is it a good idea?

Can I use Espresso beans in a French Press?

What's the difference between French Press coffee and Turkish coffee?

Is a 'press type' coffee maker worth the upgrade?

Craft Coffee

How long do coffee beans last?

What equipment does a standard coffee shop have? Do I need all of the same stuff in my home?

Why is it important to brew and drink fresh coffee?

Whats the best method or device to heat water on the go?

How do you make espresso?

I got Starbucks coffee and the label says to use it with a French Press. Can I still use it with a 'regular' coffee maker?

Does the type of beans matter for the type of coffee maker you use?

How do I make my coffee stronger in the coffee maker I own?

What is the difference between all the different types of coffee?

How do I make good coffee?

I've heard the best coffee equipment comes from Japan. How true is this?

How do I make the perfect cup of coffee?

How do you strain coffee so there aren't any grounds in my cup?

My coffee is really bitter. Do you have any advice?

Is it healthy to drink multiple cups of coffee per day?

What are the different types of coffees and side effects associated with drinking them?

What's a great gift for someone who loves coffee?

What can you put in a coffee themed gift basket?

What should I put in my own coffee bar?

Do you have any coffee flavored dessert recipes?

Do you have any latte recipes?

How do make coffee flavored whip cream?

Do you have a whipped coffee frosting recipe?

How do I make coffee cream cake?

Do you have any recipes for coffee flavored cookies?

How do you use a coffee percolator when camping?

How do you bring coffee on a camping trip?

How did cowboys make their coffee when they were out camping?

I washed my camping percolator and now the coffee tastes horrible. Do you have any advice?

What are your favorite camping coffee makers?

I'm looking for a compact coffee maker for camping. Do you have any suggestions?

How do I brew a lot of coffee at once while camping?

What kind of coffee maker should I get?

Do you have any advice on buying my first coffee machine?

What's the benefit of brewing coffee with a Keurig or any automatic coffee maker?

How do you make coffee without using an automatic coffee maker?

Can you use bleach to clean a coffee maker?

How do coffee filters work?

Why do coffee machines use paper filters instead of reusable metal ones?

What does a gold tone coffee filter do?

How much coffee do I put in my coffee maker?

What's the best coffee maker for someone who lives in a college dorm room?

How do I make coffee without a coffee maker?

What is the best coffee maker?

What type of coffee filter should I use?


How do you make a single cup of coffee?

What is the appropriate grind size for an AeroPress?

How many tablespoons of coffee does the scoop that comes with the AeroPress hold?

Why should I get an AeroPress Coffee Maker?

What size grind do I need for my AeroPress?

What's the difference between an AeroPress and a French Press?

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