We’re making contagious
happiness a reality

The current model of living is broken.

We chase goals, obsess over the future, and push off the things we love to a time that’s NOT guaranteed. As a result, we fail to appreciate what we already have, overlook the small things, and miss out on the joy of the present moment.

This way of life means that each day we compromise things that make us happy.

We believe this model of reality must be challenged - because the world CAN be brighter.

We want to inspire you leverage those little, everyday moments and transform them into conduits for extraordinary daily happiness.

Because happiness doesn’t have to be difficult. You shouldn’t have to delay or sacrifice joy.

Instead, you can experience it right NOW by intentionally infusing gratitude, joy, and positivity into your everyday moments, rituals, and relationships.

This decision sets off a chain reaction...

When you feel happier, you have more to give. It’s how happiness can ripple out to create a positive influence on others. It’s how contagious happiness can become a reality.

And that’s what we’re on a mission to achieve.

Here's how...


Elevating Your
Coffee Experience


Elevating Your
Daily Experience


Elevating Your
Capacity to Pay It Forward

Elevating Your Coffee Experience


We believe that contagious happiness - on a mass scale - can start with your daily cup of coffee.

For many people (ourselves included), coffee is a non-negotiable part of the day. It’s the drink you can’t function without! It kick-starts your day, restores you to your best, and makes you feel good from the inside out.

It’s the drink that helps set the stage for who you’re going to be each day.

So why compromise your coffee when it’s something that fuels your best? Why settle for anything less than you deserve when it comes to the drink you love?

We don’t think you should.

And as a coffee company, we believe it’s our responsibility to provide you with everything and anything you help you experience the most amazing, personalized coffee ritual you possibly can.

Here’s how we plan to do that:

Infusing more abundance, joy, and happiness into every part of your life.


With everything you need to brew incredible coffee, you can turn your attention to the intangibles coffee can provide you.

This is where the magic happens.

If something as simple as your daily cup of coffee becomes a moment where you embrace life, feel good, and appreciate what you already have, just imagine how your life could transform if you attached the same principle to other rituals and daily experiences.

Master this simple technique, and you regain control over your life. You get to live intentionally, maximize the moments that matter, and infuse greater happiness, joy, and abundance into areas of your life that are important to you.

We started this conversation with coffee - but we want to give you the awareness to expand this model of reality so you can create a life that’s more present, less compromising, and more fulfilling.

We’re Inspiring You To Pay It Forward and Create A Happier Planet


With everything you need to brew incredible coffee, you can turn you attention to the intangibles coffee can provide you.

We believe happiness is a product of our choices, not our circumstances. It’s why we believe happiness can flow from the intentional moments you create when you prioritize the things that matter to you.

And it’s a feeling you can pay forward...

When you’re happy, spreading happiness becomes second nature.

First it flows within you, then through every life you touch.

That’s what makes happiness contagious :)

And it’s why we believe happiness can be a vehicle that fuels a better world - a concept we’ve harnessed with the Stay Grounded Community Fund. At the heart of our commitment to drive impact, this fund exists to support charities that will help deliver smiles to 1 billion children.

Set up in January 2017, the fund leverages lots of small actions to create a big impact.

We want to make it easier than ever for coffee lovers to Pay It Forward. So every time you purchase from the JavaPresse store, we contribute to the fund. Our abundant Loyalty Programs enhance the fund by increasing the amount of donations we make on your behalf. We appreciate you and want to reward you being a part of our community because together we can make a big difference.

Right now, the fund supports Make-A-Wish ® Central & South Texas. An incredible non-profit organization, which grants ‘wishes’ to children with life-threatening medical conditions so they can smile and create memories with their families.

To date, the JavaPresse family has raised over $30,000 and granted wishes to four incredible children - which has fueled smiles for over 132,000 people in our community.

Children should have a shot at happiness - regardless of where they start or what theyre going through.

Inspiring a new generation of happier kids will benefit us all. And its this vision for a brighter, happier world thats shaping Our Future.


Each week, we’ll be gifting 1 lucky person with the best picture and caption about how they use our products to #StayGrounded a JavaPresse Bundle - 1 of EVERY product we have!

Check out the pictures below for ideas, & use #StayGrounded or #JavaPresse to enter!

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