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Our journey into coffee started in 2015 with a passion for developing the best entry level burr coffee grinder on the market.

That journey has led us grinding over a million pounds of coffee, learning everything we can about brewing, execeptional coffee, and translating our findings into easy to follow content to empower you to transform ordinary coffee rituals into extraordinary daily experiences.




Ground 1,000,000+ lbs of Coffee



Serviced 6,000,000+ Coffee Lovers



Sold 500k Coffee Grinders


Enjoying Coffee

You're addicted to coffee too? Whew! Glad we aren't alone because we write a LOT about coffee!


How do coffee shops make their coffee taste so good

Have you ever wondered what makes the coffee at your favorite coffee shop taste so delicious? From high-quality coffee beans to skilled baristas, there are a variety of factors ...


Do people put whipped cream on hot coffee

Do you ever wonder if whipped cream can be a delicious addition to your morning coffee? We will explore the world of whipped cream and its potential to elevate your coffee exper...


What makes the best coffee in the world

Coffee enthusiasts around the world often wonder what makes a perfect cup of coffee. From the quality of beans to the brewing method, several factors contribute to the taste and...

About Our Founder

After experiencing his mentor die of a heart aftack just three months short of refirement, Raj felt compelled to challenge conventional ways of thinking. Instead of pushing off happiness to a date that wasn't guaranteed, he decided to start living now.

But with work, relationships, and responsibilities, Raj found it difficult to consistently make time for himself. So instead of adding more, he decided to focus inward and upgrade a ritual he already loved - his daily cup of coffee. Raj stopped rushing his morning brew and instead took time to craft the perfect cup. Suddenly, his ritual became a mindful practice that he looked forward to every Day.

If was an experience that helped him process the stresses of life in a healthy way. If's a ritual that changed Raj's life-so he decided to share it with the world.
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