10 Gifts For The Coffee Connoisseur

Know someone with a passion for coffee brewing, science, or even coffee history? Finding great gifts for coffee connoisseurs can be hard. We tend to be picky folks.

I’ve been on the receiving end of a variety of coffee gifts. Some were great. Others, not so much.

Grandma’s can of “fresh Folger’s”, sister’s handmade mug, parent’s Amazon.com ordered geisha coffee. I’ve seen it all. I know what works and what doesn’t.

Let me help make sure your great intentions are matched with a great gift. Let’s shock that coffee connoisseur of yours with something that they’ll treasure.

Allow me to introduce some coffee connoisseur approved gifts that are suitable year around and for any occasion.

1. Nice Ceramic Drinkware

All coffee connoisseurs have their favorite mugs, but very few have cafe-quality ceramic. Mugs and saucers from Ancap or Acme will surely impress your coffee lover. They boost every coffee experience by providing an elegant, quality vessel to enjoy coffee from.

This caliber of drinkware tends to be a little on the pricey side since it’s made with durable ceramic, so don’t feel like you have to buy a 6-piece set. 1 or 2 pairs is enough to satisfy a connoisseur who’ll want to pull out the nice mugs and saucers every now and then for a particularly special coffee.

2. Behmore Coffee Roaster

If you’re looking for a gift that’s sure to ‘wow’, it’s hard to beat a coffee roaster. Coffee roasting is the process of taking green coffee beans and transforming them into delicious roasted coffee. It’s a complex, exciting, and sometimes frustrating art and science.

Most connoisseurs know about roasting but haven’t ventured into the realm themselves. The Behmore Coffee Roaster is an incredible way to give your coffee lover that opportunity.

If your coffee lover has shown any interest in exploring other coffee-related crafts, this gift will be a heavy hitter.  

3. Reusable Aeropress Filter

Most coffee enthusiasts own an Aeropress by the time they reach connoisseur status (if yours doesn’t, get one!). An excellent accessory to the Aeropress is a permanent stainless steel filter. This mesh filter makes the Aeropress - an already powerful brewer - even more versatile.

They last a lifetime, are 100% eco-friendly by eliminating paper filter waste, make travel brewing a breeze, and give the Aeropress a wider range of brewing possibilities.

gifts for coffee lovers

4. World Coffee Atlas Book

There are many coffee books out there, but few rival the thoroughness and beauty of the World Coffee Atlas. Created by James Hoffmann, 2007 World Barista Champion and owner of Square Mile Coffee Roasters, this one-of-a-kind atlas takes readers deep into coffee’s history, production, and culture.

Trust me, this book is one of the most informative gifts for coffee lovers you’ll find. The thousands of hours Hoffmann put into it paid off. I’ve spent hours deep in mine, and I’m sure it’ll capture the attention and imagination of your connoisseur as well.

5. Elixir

Get ready, this is an odd one.

Elixir is a brand new type of coffee product that every connoisseur who knows about it is itching to try (myself included). People who’ve tried it all say it breaks all expectations about what a coffee beverage should be.

This unique beverage is created somehow (they won’t tell anyone) using high-frequency sound waves to brew coffee over the course of several hours. Yeah, I told you it’s weird.

According to the website, Elixir "Looks like whiskey, feels like tea, made from coffee, and unlike anything you've ever tasted before!"

There’s nothing else out there like Elixir, it’s the first of its kind, and it’s a fairly new innovation. A few bottles of these would make for a killer, extremely unique gift.

6. Acaia Coffee Scale

There are hundreds of kitchen scales that are suitable for coffee brewing out there in the $20-50 range, but none of them can compete with the Acaia Coffee Scale.

Designed specifically for coffee connoisseurs, this sleek and modern scale is exploding in popularity.

Spill-resistant and fitted with a USB-recharging battery, the Acaia scales connect to Bluetooth phones to measure water pouring speed, give brewing recipe advice, and allow you to share recipes and data with other users around the world.

It’s a data-driven coffee connoisseur’s paradise in the form of a gram scale. If your coffee lover likes to tinker and enjoys refining his craft, this scale will make for a stellar gift.

7. Stagg Pour Over Kettle

The Stagg Pour Over Kettle from Fellow Products may be more expensive than your typical water kettle, but it’s far more clever.

It’s equipped with a counterbalanced handle for comfortable holding - even when the kettle is completely full. The kettle is compatible with any stove type and includes a built-in thermometer.  But, above all else, it pours water with an astounding level of control and precision, which is very important to pour over coffee brewing.

If your coffee connoisseur loves a great mug of pour over coffee, this kettle will satisfy.

8. Specialty Tea

If your coffee lover seems to have it all, maybe you should introduce her to a new drink instead.

Specialty tea has a lot in common with specialty coffee. They’re both complex, diverse, and fascinating agricultural products. They’re both able to be brewed in multiple ways. They’re both able to pique the interest of a connoisseur’s sophisticated palette.

Even if you’re not sure they’ll even like tea, it’s worth the risk. Gifting high-quality loose leaf teas (whatever you do, don’t go to your nearest grocery store) will give your connoisseur the opportunity to explore a new rabbit hole and show that you put some thought into this gift.

(Fun idea: cascara tea is a tea made from the fruit of the coffee cherry!)

gifts for coffee lovers

I suggest buying tea from one of these reputable specialty tea sellers: In Pursuit of Tea, Little Red Cup, Whispering Pines, or Spirit Tea.

9. A Coffee Siphon Brewer

Siphon coffee brewers are the nerdiest brewers of all. They look like they belong in a lab.

They’re not the easiest things to use, but they are the epitome of scientific coffee brewing, which connoisseurs can never get enough of. Not only are they fascinating to use, they brew some of the best coffee you’ll ever taste.

To make coffee with a siphon, you create a vacuum by heating a water-filled lower bowl using a flame. This vacuum draws the water out of the lower bulb (looks like magic) into the upper chamber with the coffee grounds. When the coffee is fully brewed, you pull the heat source away from the brewer and watch as the brewed coffee drains through the filter back into the lower bulb.

Siphons, generally, are connoisseur-only brewers.

10. Fresh Coffee Subscription

Freshly roasted coffee from a reputable, ethical source will always make a great gift. But so often this gift falls short.

Here’s why.

Coffee beans are only at peak freshness for 2-3 weeks after being roasted. After this, the quality decline becomes rapid and noticeable. Most people who gift coffee beans buy the bag 2+ weeks before the gifting moment, which wastes that period of peak freshness. By the time the gift is open, the coffee is a shadow of its former glory.

Here’s the simple solution.

Instead of buying a couple bags of coffee beans, purchase a coffee subscription instead. That way, the coffee is always shipped to your connoisseur as soon as it’s roasted and little freshness time is wasted.

That’s how it works with our own JavaPresse Coffee Subscription. We ship freshly roasted coffee to subscribers every Tuesday so that they always get uber-fresh, delicious coffee when they need it. Our coffees are sustainably sourced, roasted with craftsmanship, and are connoisseur-approved.

If you’d like to gift freshly roasted coffee - or see what specialty grade coffee can taste like for yourself - check out our subscription.

Happy gifting!