5 Empowering Rituals To Try Alongside Your Coffee (That Only Take 5 Minutes)

Written by: Raj Jana

5 Empowering Rituals To Try Alongside Your Coffee (That Only Take 5 Minutes)

There’s something about a warm cup of coffee that invites ritual.

Rituals that focus, that uplift, and motivate, calm, and empower.

But you don’t need an Instragam-perfect, one-hour morning ritual to get the most out of your coffee. Sure, I am an outspoken advocate for a mindful morning routine, but even short, 5-minute mini-rituals can have a huge impact on the direction of your day.

And they don’t have to be in the morning. Re-upping after lunch? Perfect! Grabbing a late afternoon boost? More power to you.

These simple rituals, no matter when you do them, are life-enhancing. They’re your ticket to a full, rich life—even if you don’t travel often, earn a wild salary, or have a zillion social media followers. 

Because a life well-lived isn’t something you gain—it’s something you create.

These rituals will help you create yours.

(Oh, and they go perfectly with coffee.)

1. Name Your Gratitude To Center On Joy

There’s nothing wrong with aiming high, wanting more, and reaching for the stars—in fact, desire inspires us to try new things, go beyond our comfort zones, and explore.

But desire, when unbalanced with gratitude for the things you have now, becomes a detriment. If all you crave is more, you’ll never have enough.

Gratitude, on the other hand, is what turns what you have now into enough. And the well-being benefits are far-reaching.

Study after study demonstrates that practicing gratitude elevates happy thoughts, reduces the intensity of negative thoughts, and has positive effects on relationships, life satisfaction, and beyond.

Whether it’s during your 4-minute french press steep, or while you wait for your coffee to cool down, spending 2-3 minutes identifying and naming a few things you’re grateful for.

  • I’m grateful for a job where I can make a difference
  • To have food in the pantry
  • That this coffee tastes really freaking good

Even if things suck right now, and the world seems like it’s fighting against you, there’s always something—even a small something—to center a moment of gratitude.


Besides, being grateful for the big stuff is easy—it’s being grateful for the little things that really impact how we live.

Use your phone. Grab a notebook. The method is less important than the action itself, so make it your own.

2. Create A Vision For Your Day To Focus Your Mind

Life is I-N-S-A-N-E. That’s why creating a vision for the day ahead can be a powerful way to center your priorities.

By starting the day (or the afternoon) on a firm foundation, you’re able to avoid the shifting tides of the world around you and remain focused on what matters most to you.

Your vision can include anything you want—whatever keeps you centered. Here are a few things we suggest:

  • One way you’ll pay it forward (help Sarah cook dinner)
  • One weakness you’ll work on (stop getting stuck on negative emotions)
  • Three big to-do’s (finish the sales pitch, fix the broken chair, call Mom)
  • A big goal you’re working towards (keep working on my side hustle)

    Some people prefer the more structured SELF Journal. Others mix-and-match their own vision elements. Whatever works best for you!

    3. Try A Breathing Exercise To Calm Anxiety

    A cup of coffee is supposed to signal a moment of peace, but drinking it is so often rushed, stressful, and mindless. The best parts about coffee are missing from the way most people consume it.

    Here’s a great way to combat that temptation to rush through the experience.

    Breathing exercises.

    Take the five minutes you have between making coffee and drinking coffee (the cool-down period), and try it out.

    I can still remember the first time I was really transformed by a threatening exercise. I was stressed and anxious—my plate was so full. But five minutes changed everything. My mind was settled, the day’s challenges didn’t seem so overwhelming anymore, and I felt at peace with the world around me.

    Five minutes of focused, deep breathing can change everything.

    This practice goes back thousands of years to ancient China, Greece, Mesopotamia, and beyond. And science has confirmed what billions of people have known throughout history.

    I suggest reading up on how to make the most of breathing exercises here.

    4. Journal Some Thoughts To Reach Greater Clarity

    Our Instagram-ified world pushes us to display the glamours and keep the not-so-glamorous within. But we all know how suppressing our true selves holds us back from living out a life that’s rich and meaningful.

    To combat the temptation to resist vulnerability, try honest journaling while you enjoy your first few sips of coffee.

    coffee journal

    A private journal is the great equalizer of self-expression. It’s wholly yours, a space where you can write your truest thoughts, your deepest fears, and greatest loves without fear. There’s nobody to judge, give weird looks, or even misunderstand you.

    Journaling can be the gateway to understanding ourselves in ways that are inaccessible when we don’t give time or space for our truest thoughts—good and bad—to blossom.

    Miki Agrawal hit why this is so important when I interviewed her on the Stay Grounded podcast:

    “Until everyone is willing to look at their mirrors, at their blindspots, we’re going to keep living in a world that’s not really truthful.”⁣

    Looking within, discovering the deeper truths of our own selves, and finding balanced ways to bring those truths to light makes not only us better, but the world.

    5. Feel Your Deeper Emotions To Awaken Your True Self

    Many of these rituals are leading up to the big thing that can really transform our lives, help us stay grounded, and infuse happiness into each day.

    Being in-tune with your deepest self.

    Dominick Quartuccio had it all. I mean… all of it. The corner office in Times Square, the fantastic salary, the women, the prestige. And yet, he felt numb.

    An alpha male, Dominick had learned to suppress his emotions, to hide his weaknesses, and to avoid feeling almost everything. By every measure, he looked successful. But he was drifting through life, empty.

    Realizing something had to change, Dominick gave himself permission to feel. Truly feel. He experimented with mindset rituals (like the ones in this article!), focused on being vulnerable with himself, and then became vulnerable with others.

    Now he co-hosts The Great Man podcast, writes books, facilitates men’s retreats, and speaks all over the world on empowering men to be their true selves.

    But it didn’t happen by accident. As he says… 

    “The antidote to drifting is intentionality.”

    Each sip of coffee is a chance to feel the liquid on your tongue and dive into a moment of self-reflection. What does it taste like? How does it make you feel? Are you happy?


    The transformative power of a cup of coffee is unbelievable.

    When you take the time—just five minutes or less—to sip with focus, mindfulness, and honesty, you can discover yourself in new, empowering ways.

    It’s why we’ve always thought of coffee as more than hot bean juice.

    It’s a portal to a better you.

    You deserve coffee that inspires you, that brings you to a sense of awe (not bitter or sour coffee that drags you out of the moment).

    That’s why we created the JavaPresse Coffee Club, a coffee bean subscription that helps you grow into a more balanced, happy person.

    javapresse coffee

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    And with exceptional coffee in your mug, you’re free to take in the flavors and aromas like never before—then create the YOU that you’ve always dreamed of becoming.

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    Stay grounded, friends.