🔥 Need A Coffee Recommendation? Find Your Perfect Bean

Written by: Garrett Oden

🔥 Need A Coffee Recommendation? Find Your Perfect Bean

Wondering how to decide which coffee bean is right for you? 

We’re immensely proud of our coffee lineup. Freshly roasted, shipped same-day, small-batch beans from family-owned farms that make an impact.

You can’t go wrong, but there may be a specific coffee that’s better for your unique tastes and preferences.

Allow me to offer a few recommendations, including (1) the flavor notes of each coffee and (2) what kind of coffee lover will prefer each bean.

Here are our coffees:

  • Extra Mile 🍋 Light and nuanced 
  • Happy Place 🍬 Sweet and balanced
  • Power Hour 🍫 Dark and chocolate-y
  • Brewer's Choice 🌎 World coffee adventure
  • Coffee Trio ✨ Taste three and find your match

Let's walk through the recommendations!

Light Roast: Extra Mile

light roast coffee recommendation

We’re thrilled about our light roast. It was our first coffee we ever roasted, so it has a special place in our hearts. This single origin is inspired by farmers in Colombia who went the extra mile to exit the cocaine trade and growing coffee instead—you won’t believe their story.

Flavor Notes: An exciting blend of citrus, dark chocolate, and tropical fruit flavors. The light, juicy body and fruity sweetness make it a delightfully bright coffee.

Perfect For: Coffee lovers who want to savor your coffee’s most delicate, complex flavors—especially the balanced fruity ones.

Go the extra mile.

Medium Roast: Happy Place

medium roast coffee recommendation

Our medium roast perfectly captures the balance between light and dark flavor notes, resulting in a blend of Guatemalan and Colombian coffees that’s truly a crowd-pleaser.

Flavor Notes: A stunning array of candied nuts, citrus, and chocolate flavors. The ripe sweetness and bold body make this a shockingly well-rounded blend.

Perfect For: Coffee lovers who appreciate balance in all things, but aren’t about to sacrifice flavor nuance or quality for an approachable, smooth coffee.

Find your happy place.

Dark Roast: Power Hour

light roast coffee recommendation

We spent hours and hours refining our roasting technique to ensure we could capture the richness of a good dark roast, while still bringing out exceptional flavors.

Flavor Notes: Dark chocolate, caramelized sugar, classic aromas, and never burnt tasting—dark roast as it should be.

Perfect For: The go-getters, the disciplined, and the dreamers. The ideal dark roast for coffee lovers who need a bold, classic flavor but aren’t going to put up with a bitter, burned brew.

Get your power on.

Brewer’s Choice: New Flavors Every Month

best coffee bean subscription recommendation

All of our coffees are made from small-batch beans from family-owned farms, but if you try our Brewer’s Choice subscription, you’ll get to experience some of the most limit-release coffees in the world. These beans only last for one month—then they’re gone till next year.

Flavor Notes: Experience the full range of coffee flavor as you enjoy beans from quality-focused farms around the world. All beans are medium roasts, and we never compromise on flavor quality or smoothness.

Perfect For: Adventurous coffee lovers who want to taste it all, from the bold chocolate notes to subtle fruity undertones. If variety is the spice of your life—and you love trying new and different things—this is the no-brainer choice.

Join the brewer’s choice adventure.

Coffee Trio: The Easiest Way To Find Your Perfect Bean

coffee sample bags

Still not 100% sure which coffee will meet your preferences best? Why not try three and find out for certain? Our Coffee Trio is the easiest way to experience a range of coffee flavor so you can quickly discover your favorite bean.

Flavor Notes: Three coffees, three flavor experiences. Lots of flavor notes!

Perfect For: Coffee lovers who want to try multiple coffees back-to-back to learn what kind of beans truly satisfy your taste buds.

Explore the coffee trio.


Quick summary time... 

  • Extra Mile 🍋 Light and nuanced 
  • Happy Place 🍬 Sweet and balanced
  • Power Hour 🍫 Dark and chocolate-y
  • Brewer's Choice 🌎 World coffee adventure
  • Coffee Trio ✨ Taste three and find your match

We couldn’t be more grateful to share our passion with you—it’s not something we take for granted. Thank you for trusting us with something as important as your daily cup of coffee.

Happy brewing!