Buying Coffee

Everything You Need To Know About Buying Whole Bean Coffee

Gifting coffee beans

Gifting Coffee Beans: 3 Things To Do (And 3 To Avoid)

Coffee beans are great gifts - everyone knows that. They’re delicious They’re beloved by all (just about) And they’re fun to pick out for your cof...
is organic coffee worth it

Searching For Certified Organic Coffee - Is It Worth It?

The organic movement is taking the world, impacting the way everyone buys food. If you often scan the grocery store aisle looking for organic versi...
Fair Trade vs direct trade

Fair Trade VS Direct Trade Coffee: Which Is Better For Coffee Sustainability?

If you’re familiar with specialty coffee, you’ve no doubt heard about Fair Trade and direct trade coffee. However, there’s a good chance you’ve hea...
blends vs single origin coffee

Blends VS Single Origin Coffee: Which Is Right For You?

Delicious, well-rounded, and highly scored coffees are not difficult to find these days. Farmers are growing better crops, roasters are refining th...
seed to cup

The Incredible Journey Of The Coffee Bean (Seed To Cup)

The specialty coffee revolution has awakened a new fascination in the journey of the coffee bean. All the sudden, people are beginning to realize t...
coffee bean processing

Coffee Bean Processing: The Washed Method

Ever stared at a coffee shop menu or website and wondered what “washed process coffee” is? Yeah, I’ve been there too. We all start out a little con...
coffee bean processing

Coffee Bean Processing: The Honey Methods

Ever had coffee that was processed using honey? Of course you haven’t. It’s not a thing. Honey processed coffees humorously are often thought to be...
coffee bean processing

Coffee Bean Processing: The Natural Method

Ever wondered what the “natural process” is when you’re staring at a coffee shop menu or website? While most specialty coffee shops proudly display...
expensive coffee beans

Here's Why Some Coffees Are Very Expensive

Ever tried an $8 cup of coffee at your local coffee shop? If you did, was it worth it? I know what it’s like to scoff at expensive coffees. As a fa...
difference between light and dark roast coffee

The Difference Between Light, Medium, And Dark Roast Coffee

The world of coffee is experiencing a major shift in the way people buy beans. And, chances are, you’re watching it happen before your eyes. In the...
How much should you pay for coffee beans

How Much Should You Pay For Coffee Beans?

Have you ever rolled your eyes at a $20 bag of coffee at a coffee shop? The feeling is all too familiar, but the more you learn about coffee, the m...
How to find the world’s best coffee beans

Skip The Coffee Aisle, Here's How To Find The World's Best Coffee

The world’s best coffee is out there, but it may not be where you would expect. With a little knowledge and some direction, I’ll show you how to fi...
What does a coffee roaster do?

What Does A Coffee Roaster Actually Do?

There are many steps in the journey from fruit to brewed coffee, but today we’ll just focus on one: the coffee roaster. This blog is for anyone who...
How to read coffee packaging

How To Read Coffee Packaging Like A Pro

If you’ve ever looked at a row of coffee bags and were confused at how to choose one, you’re not alone. Reading coffee packaging can be difficult. ...
Fresh roasted coffee always better

Why Fresh Coffee Is The Best Coffee

I get asked the same question every day: “What’s the easiest way to make the best coffee?” And I give the same answer every single day: buy fresh c...
What Is Specialty Coffee?

What Makes Specialty Coffee Special?

Coffee businesses of a new caliber are popping up all over the world. Unfortunately, these businesses are often misunderstood. We don’t want to lea...


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