Are 5 lb. Coffee Bags Worth It?

Written by: Anne Mercer

Are 5 lb. Coffee Bags Worth It?

The world is drinking more coffee than ever before.

From families who brew a giant pot of coffee first thing in the morning to those who slowly sip on a carefully crafted pour over, I dare you to try and find a home that doesn’t have coffee in the pantry.

After brewing and drinking so much coffee at home, you might wonder, “Should I buy 5 lb. bags of coffee instead?

Depending on your coffee consumption habits, a 5 lb. bag may be worth it! Or, it could be a major waste of money.

We’ve created a quick two-step process you can use to see if buying a 5 lb. bag of coffee is right for you.

Try it out!

Step 1: Calculate Monthly Coffee Consumption

Americans drink an average of 3 cups of coffee per day. Do you know how much coffee you make and drink a day?

Knowing how much coffee you’re consuming is the first step to understanding if a 5 lb. bag of coffee is a wise investment.

To calculate this, look at the following factors:

  • Preferred home brewing methods. Do you make a giant pot of coffee every morning? Or are you more of the expertly dialed-in double shot of espresso coffee drinker? There’s no wrong answer, but one method uses significantly more coffee than the other. 

  • How many people are you brewing coffee for? A daily Chemex or French Press for 2-4 people uses more coffee than a single cup pour over coffee. A family of coffee drinkers will consume far more coffee in a month than an individual.

  • How much coffee do you make and drink daily? For busy professionals, making an entire day’s worth of coffee and bringing it on the go is convenient. For others, making a cup at a time helps to control their consumption. 

  • For the most accurate calculation, use the weight of the coffee beans as your unit of measurement. To make a full 8-cup coffee pot, for example, you’d need about ~80-100 grams of coffee depending on your recipe. 

    For reference, a typical 12oz bag from a roaster contains around 340g of coffee beans. 

    If you’re going through more than a 12oz or 1lb. bag of coffee each week, you might be on your way into 5 lb. bag territory.

    Step 2: Analyze the Costs

    Next, look at the cost of your coffee intake. How much are you spending to make coffee at home?

    The price of a 12oz or 1lb. bag will vary from roaster to roaster. It depends on what type of coffee you’re buying.

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    A retail bag of specialty-grade coffee will cost anywhere between $13-$20+. 

    Keep in mind, we’re not talking pre-ground grocery store coffee. We’re talking about high-quality, expertly roasted specialty coffee. The good stuff.

    If you buy and drink one bag of coffee a week, you’re spending around $52-$80+ a month on coffee beans. 

    👉 Now, take the price of your favorite coffee and multiply it by 5. That’s about how much it’ll cost for a 5 lb. bag of whole bean coffee.

    Compare the price of a 5 lb. bag of coffee to the price of your coffee consumption routine. Which route is the most affordable for you?

    So, Are 5 lb. Coffee Bags Worth It?

    Once you know how much coffee you’re consuming plus how much you spend on coffee each month, you can decide if switching to 5 lb. bags is a smart choice.

    5 lb. Bags Are Worth It If...

  • You brew a LOT of coffee each month — If you’re making coffee for your whole family every morning or constantly refreshing the office coffee pot, a 5 lb. bag of coffee may be a wise investment.

  • You can spend $60-80+ on coffee — Some roasters offer discounted prices for buying in bulk, but it’ll still be a hefty chunk of money for each bag. If you can spend this much at a time, buy a 5 lb. bag of coffee. Don’t forget about taxes and shipping if you’re buying online, too!

  • You can consume it fast enough — While coffee beans don’t go bad, their flavors degrade over time. If you plan to have a 5 lb. bag of coffee last you throughout the year, you’ll be disappointed with the flavors by the time you reach the bottom. 5 lb. bags of coffee are worth it if you can consume all of it within its peak freshness window. 

  • If you check all these boxes, get your hands on a 5 lb. bag of coffee today!

    5 lb. Bags Are Not Worth It If...

  • You make one cup of coffee a day — Coffee drinkers who indulge in 1-2 cups of coffee per day won’t find much value in a 5lb bag of coffee. The beans will go old before you have a chance to drink them!
  • Your only motivation is to save money — Roasters aren’t required to offer a discount for a 5lb bag of coffee—many don’t! Buying a 5lb bag isn’t always an economical decision. And, if you’re unable to consume it all in a month or so, you’ll spend more money when you restock your supply with freshly roasted beans.
  • You don’t have the means to properly store coffee — 5lbs is a lot of coffee. If you don’t have a way to store these beans properly, they will lose their vibrancy and flavor faster than you think.
  • Opt for a Coffee Subscription Instead

    If a 5 lb. bag isn’t for you, don’t worry. A coffee subscription is a better choice for you!

    With a JavaPresse Coffee Subscription, you can match the details to your coffee habits:

  • Delivered on your schedule. Choose between a biweekly or monthly delivery.

  • Your favorite blend. Light, medium, dark roast—it’s your choice! Or, go on a coffee adventure and try our Brewer’s Choice subscription.

  • Coffee quantity. Need an extra bag or two? Not a problem.

  • Plus, as a subscriber, you’ll enjoy free shipping and savings on coffee.

    No matter if a 5 lb. bag of coffee or a subscription is the right path for you, we’ve got you covered with coffee so delicious and rich you’ll go to bed dreaming about it.

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