3 Reasons To Avoid Automatic Coffee Makers

Written by: Garrett Oden

3 Reasons To Avoid Automatic Coffee Makers

Once you discover the incredible, unique flavors of specialty coffee and start down the rabbit hole of making it yourself at home, there’s a point when you realize something important: automatic coffee makers aren’t actually all that good at making really good coffee.

Your typical auto drip coffee pot is designed for mass production, built with cheap materials and electronics, and is destined to end up in a garbage dump—only to be replaced a year or two later after being bought.

And we haven’t really gotten into the poor coffee quality yet…

Here’s the thing: if you want amazing, cafe-quality coffee at home, you’re going to have to ditch the low-end, cheap coffee automatic coffee maker.

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Let’s get to the root of why.

Automatic Coffee Makers Are Designed To Be Trash (Literally)

We all like buying nice, quality gadgets that we know will last for years, but—I get it—coffee makers just seem like an easy way to save some money. Drop $30-50 on a coffee maker and boom, you’re good, right?

Well, not exactly.

You see, these cheap coffee pots are designed to fail. The manufacturers know they’ll stop working in the next couple years, and they know you’ll dish out another $30-50 for a new one down the road.

  • The plastic is flimsy and flammable
  • The electronic components are prone to disconnection and malfunction
  • The construction just feels meh, rather than well-built

And you know what this ultimately leads to?

Millions of coffee pots in landfills.

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So to summarize this first reason: regular automatic coffee makers tend to be cheaply made and destined for replacement (which means lots of plastic waste over the years).

Here’s what you can do instead to avoid contributing to more plastic pollution: buy a good french press ($30). The metal frame with last for years and years, and if you accidentally break the glass carafe, it can easily be replaced and the broken glass disposed of responsibly.

Automatic Coffee Pots Disconnect You From The Experience

Hopefully by now you’ve experienced the rewards of making a cup of coffee by hand, but in case you haven’t, let me explain the benefits:

  • The entire coffee experience is richer and deeper. Instead of just dumping grounds into a pot, you grind the beans, breathe in the fresh aromas, and initiate a brewing process that ignites your senses in a variety of ways.

  • It’s a moment to enjoy just for yourself. Auto coffee pots enable you to stay busy while you’re getting ready for your day, but manual brewers (like a french press) force you to take just an extra minute or two to treat yourself to something you care about. That’s the right way to start off your day!

  • Focus, clarity, and gratitude are the natural results. When you slow down for an extra minute or two, make something you care about by hand, and finally get to savor that coffee, you don’t just enjoy a mug of hot liquid—you experience the mental benefits of completing a job well-done and literally tasting the rewards.

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    Auto coffee pots can’t give you any of these benefits. Sure, sometimes you just need to get some basic coffee going fast, but that shouldn’t be the norm.

    Build a few extra minutes into your morning routine for making coffee manually and I guarantee you’ll see how big of an impact it makes on your mood, your morning, and even the rest of your day.

    Because when you start off taking care of yourself—making something you and are proud of—you gain the energy and focus to get things done, endure the struggles of the day, and be flexible through it all.

    Standard Coffee Makers Just Don’t Make Very Good Coffee

    Now, I’ll admit that I’ve had some decent coffee from a coffee maker, but it only came after my friend played with his coffee recipe every day for weeks.

    So the end result was good, but it came with a lot of work (mostly trial and error).

    What if you could put in far less work and have excellent coffee each morning?

    You know what that friend told me a couple weeks later?

    “It would have just been a lot simpler and far tastier to just use a french press instead of trying to make that low-quality coffee pot make great coffee.”

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    Let’s look at why most coffee makers can’t make cafe-quality coffee:

  • The water doesn’t get hot enough. The best water temperature range for making coffee that’s balanced and rich is 195 to 205 degrees Fahrenheit. Most coffee makers under $150 don’t bring the water any higher than 195 degrees, which means, from the very get-go, the coffee’s not going to be as balanced as it could be.

  • All the grounds aren’t evenly saturated. The water dripping mechanism in coffee pots is notorious for being inefficient when it comes to brewing all the grounds evenly. Some grounds get way too much water while others hardly get any—and that’s a recipe for really unbalanced coffee.

  • Now these next few things aren’t really the coffee maker’s fault, but they’re enabled (and often encouraged) by the device and its instructions. These bad brewing habits destroy coffee flavor, and auto drip pots make them far too easy to do:

    • Using old water that’s already been heated up
    • Using pre-ground coffee
    • Keeping coffee hot on a warming plate for hours

    And here’s the sad thing: these quality issues don’t get fixed until you spend $150 or more on a coffee pot. That’s the same cost as five different french presses!

    If you’re determined to have a simple and delicious cup of coffee from an automatic coffee maker, definitely go with one of the SCAA Certified Brewers. These coffee pots really do a great job—but they’re not cheap.

    My suggestion? Buy a french press. Buy a burr coffee grinder. Use them each morning to create not just a mug of coffee, but a rewarding coffee experience that helps transform your day.

    You won’t regret taking the time (a couple extra minutes) to make your own coffee by hand…

    • It’ll be more environmentally sustainable
    • It’ll offer those day-transforming mental benefits
    • And it’ll just taste so much better

    Of course, it’s not the brewing habits that make the biggest difference in your coffee. It’s the beans.

    Start off with freshly roasted, specialty-grade beans and you’ll never look back. The flavors will captivate you and make sure you never absent-mindedly down a cup of coffee without feeling gratitude again.

    We send out these stellar coffees via our Coffee Club to subscribers. The beans come from coffee farms around the world as pumped about good coffee as we are, we roast the beans to perfection, and then we ship them to you just hours (not days) later.

    That means you get to enjoy some of the best beans in the world while they’re super fresh.

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