Upgrade Your Office Coffee Game: 4 Ways to Make Better Coffee at Work

Written by: Anne Mercer

Upgrade Your Office Coffee Game: 4 Ways to Make Better Coffee at Work

The global pandemic changed everyone’s coffee habits. We went from ordering lattes on our way to work to Googling the best ways to make pour over coffee at home.

And now we’re heading back into the office.

At the office, you’re faced with the dreaded company coffee pot—likely brewed with coffee that was ground months ago.

But that’s not your only option!

You don’t have to suffer through bitter, stale company coffee. There are better ways to make tasty, flavorful coffee at work—all of which help make the return to the office far more enjoyable.

In this guide, we’ll show you:

  • The equipment you need to improve your office’s coffee
  • 4 simple ways to make delicious coffee at work
  • The one thing anyone can do to take their office’s coffee game to the next level

By the end, you’ll be the envy of the office as you brew up a cup of sweet specialty coffee at your desk. 

Everything You Need to Brew Coffee at the Office

Most offices have the standard Keurig machine and an old drip coffee pot.

Not the most appealing options after months of refining your pour over coffee technique at home.

To replicate this experience at the office, you’ll need:

Whole Bean Coffee

Head to your local roaster and select your favorite blend or single origin whole bean coffee to brew.

Coffee Grinder

For coffee bursting with natural flavors, grind the coffee beans right before you brew. But grinding coffee is a bit noisy. You’ll need to make a judgment call on which type of grinder to use based on your office’s environment.

If your office has a break room away from those focusing on work, opt for an electric burr grinder. 

If your work is typically quiet and doesn’t offer a kitchen or break room, a manual burr grinder is your best choice.

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Hot Water

Without hot water, you can’t have coffee.

Unfortunately, most offices aren’t equipped with the best heating elements or water source.

You may want to consider investing in an electric kettle to keep at your desk. These kettles are easy to maintain, don’t take up much space, and are an efficient way to heat water for your coffee.

You’ll also need great-tasting water. Your office’s water source may be flat or filled with unnecessary chemicals that’ll alter the flavor of your coffee. 

Instead, bring filtered or spring water to brew with. Or, ask your boss to install a water filter on the kitchen faucet.

Optional: Digital Scale

Coffee tastes far better when all the ingredients are measured out using a digital scale.

But, this may not be an option depending on your office or line of work.

If this is the case, pre-measure your coffee beans and water before heading into work.

4 Ways to Make Better Coffee at Work

Kiss K-Cups goodbye. You’re about to take your office coffee game to a whole new level.

Skip the bitter office coffee pods and choose any of these brew methods instead.

1. French Press 

French Press coffee is one of the simplest ways to brew specialty coffee, especially in a busy office.

The brewer’s stainless steel mesh filter allows some of the coffee’s natural oils to permeate the cup, resulting in a rich body and smooth flavor. Perfect for powering you through a business day at work.

The French Press’s design and functionality make it a popular choice among office workers. 

  • Brew while you work — French Press coffee needs to steep for 4 minutes before being ready. You’ll have four extra minutes to focus on your work or chat with a coworker while your coffee brews.
  • Make coffee for many — Want to share your love of specialty coffee with your team? The French Press lets you make up to six cups of coffee, depending on the size of your brewer.
  • Great beginner brew method — The French Press’ design is ideal for those starting their journey into specialty coffee. While variables such as the grind size and recipe can be adjusted to affect flavors and attributes, the French Press is a generally forgiving brew method if a mistake is made. 

Use our Ultimate Guide to French Press Coffee for a cup filled with flavor when you head into the office.

2. AeroPress

The AeroPress combines the immersion of a French Press with the clean cup of a pour over. This versatile and portable brewer is perfect for those looking to whip up a hot cup of coffee without ever leaving their desk.

  • Easy clean-up — Cleaning an AeroPress is exceptionally easy. No small parts to wash, just a filter cap and brewing chamber.
  • Single-cup brewer — Think about how much coffee your office wastes daily. A lot, right? With an AeroPress, you’re brewing one delicious cup at a time without the waste of a pod or K-cup.

Brew an AeroPress at work with our go-to recipe.

3. Pour Over

If you want to impress your coworkers, go all-in with a pour over brew method

While working from home, you might have experimented with brew methods like the Chemex or Hario V60. These brewers work great at the office too!

With a pour over, you’ll enjoy benefits like:

  • Single-serve coffee sans the K-Cup — Single-serve pod machines create so much waste and terrible tasting coffee. But, so does making a giant pot of coffee for yourself. Pour over brew methods allow you to brew a cup for yourself with far less waste.
  • Choose a brewer, any brewer — From the flat-bottom Kalita Wave dripper to a Chemex, there are multiple pour over brewers to pick from. Experiment with a few and find your favorite.
  • Clean cup — Pour over brew methods use a paper filter, resulting in a super clean cup free of residual oils or coffee particles.

Discover how to pick the perfect pour over brewer for your office coffee breaks with our guide.

4. SCA-Approved Drip Coffee Machine

Convenience meets quality when you splurge on a Specialty Coffee Association-approved drip coffee machine for the office.

These Certified Home Brewers go through rigorous testing by coffee experts to determine if they meet strict quality criteria. If they do, they get the stamp of approval from the Specialty Coffee Association.

  • Convenience at its finest — Unlike a French Press or a pour over brew method, these coffee brewers only require you to add water and grounds and push a button.
  • Top-quality coffee — Since the team of experts at the SCA has thoroughly tested each brewer, you can have confidence knowing you’re brewing with a premier coffee machine.
  • Coffee for the team — A drip brewer makes more coffee than a French Press, meaning you can spoil your coworkers with delicious, freshly brewed specialty coffee. Or, make it all for yourself!

        Of course, these brewers are expensive. See if your HR department or boss will get one for the team. Or, consider creating an office pool for funding a new and high-quality brewer!

        What’s the Secret to Brewing Mind-Blowing Coffee at Work?

        The beans. It’s all about the coffee beans.

        You can bring a fancy pour over brewer to the office and still make bad coffee.


        Because you bought poor-quality coffee beans.

        The secret to brewing delicious coffee no matter where you are is buying whole bean, specialty-grade coffee.

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        Pre-ground coffee from the grocery store is stale, old, and flavorless. You work hard while at the office and deserve coffee full of flavor!

        There are several reasons to make the switch from boring office coffee to vibrant specialty coffee:

      • More productive employees — How effective will your employees be if they’re drowning their coffee in sugar and milk to mask the taste of bad coffee? Talk about an impending sugar crash.

      • Impress clients — If you host clients at your office, wow them with top-tier coffee! 

      • Less office waste — No one wants to drink bad coffee. With this in mind, think about all the coffee your coworkers waste or leave sitting in the pot for hours on end. That’s money down the drain. Convince your company to switch from cheap office coffee to specialty coffee and watch how fast everyone drinks it. That’s a smart investment if you ask us!

      • Take your office coffee to the next level by trying JavaPresse Coffee.

        Choose from a variety of sweet blends or turn your workday into a coffee adventure with our Brewer’s Choice featured blend. You can’t go wrong!

        Our specialty-grade coffee is roasted two hours before shipping, locking in those flavors you crave during a long day at work. 

        Brew JavaPresse Coffee at the office and transform your workday!