Improve Your Coffee Drinking Experience with These Quick Tips

Written by: Raj Jana

Improve Your Coffee Drinking Experience with These Quick Tips

For many people, caffeine is a daily habit. It’s almost automatic. Set the machine, or stop by a cafe on your way to work. Guzzle that cup of joe and enjoy the productivity that comes with the hit of caffeine. But when something becomes a habit, it’s easy to forget how special it is.

The preparation and consumption of these beans was originally a ritual for ancient mystics in the Middle East and Africa. These mystics would stay up all night, highly caffeinated, wondering about the universe and pondering deep philosophical questions. Later, as the drink made its way into European lands, it became a social ritual. A cup of joe was part and parcel of everyday life, to be enjoyed alongside friends and rich conversations. 

If you’ve forgotten how incredible your daily cuppa really is, it might be time to switch up your routine. With the right beans and the right tools, you, too, can enjoy this drink the way it was meant to be consumed: savored.

Get a digital scale for precise measurements

This is a tip that bakers also implement to ensure highly specific proportions. Volume is different from weight, and measuring cups and teaspoons don’t offer the same specificity as a digital scale. When it comes to preparing your beans, you’ll get a better outcome if you go by weight instead.

Go online and look for a digital scale. They’re affordable and you can use them not only for drinking but for baking, too. It may seem finicky to spend so much time on a tiny measurement, but this liquid is a precise master. You will get a much tastier cup if you spend a few seconds getting the proper amount of beans.

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Figure out what you actually like to drink


If you started drinking caffeine young, then you may not have had the opportunity to try different types of beans. From roast to origin, there are lots of variations to explore! The beans are not a monolith. If you’ve been accustomed to the same grocery store grind for years, you might be in a slump.

Don’t fall out of love with your java just because you get tired of your blend! Conduct some experiments to figure out what you actually like to drink. In this way, a good brew is like wine. By paying close attention, your tastebuds will discover huge flavor and texture differences in different beans. You may discover a preference for light roast, or you might surprise yourself by favoring beans from Indonesia instead of Kenya. If your caffeine routine needs a jolt of reinvention, experimentation is the place to start.

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Experiment with a variety of preparation methods

Now that you’ve discovered the type of beans you truly enjoy most, it’s time to experiment with preparation methods. Connoisseurs know that there are as many different preparation styles as there are human beings. There are fancy and expensive methods, funded by crowdfunding campaigns, that provide aeration and take 15 minutes.

There are very simple methods that require only a grinder and French Press. The preparation method is partially about ritual, of course. But it’s also about flavor. Each different method produces a slightly different take on the bean. Research some of the classic methods and see which method appeals to you, both for its promise of flavor and its practicality. 

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Choose a method that works for your lifestyle


If you found the previous step overwhelming, you’re not alone! Not everyone has the time or desire to perform a complicated ritual every morning. It’s time to choose a method that actually works for your lifestyle. Perhaps you do a French press on weekday mornings and go with the AeroPress on weekends. Maybe you get a Turkish pot for special occasions when you have more time and want to impress guests.

The most important thing is to choose something you’ll actually enjoy. After all, this magical drink is supposed to bring you joy! If you buy equipment that you don’t actually like using, then you won’t get to enjoy your daily java. Don’t worry about impressing anyone. Get the tool that works for your lifestyle. 

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Get the best tools for the job


Almost done! You’ll only have to go through this process once, so stay focused. Now that you’ve selected a preparation method, it’s time to purchase the absolute best tools for the job. There are some tools you can buy that are made with subpar materials. They might be made of plastic that chips or a nozzle that leaks. That won’t make your espresso experience delightful!

Look for a mid- to high-range tool with good reviews that will last for many years to come. Make sure you select a brand that’s well known enough to make it easy to find replacement parts. Another pro tip: make sure it’s easy to clean. By following these two guidelines, you’re guaranteed to find the tools you love.

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Enroll in a coffee subscription service


Of course, the absolute best way to improve your espresso drinking experience is to sign up for a coffee subscription service. You’ll get to enjoy beans delivered right to your door, right to your specifications. How magical is that?

There are lots of benefits that come with this type of program. You’ll never have to worry about running out of beans again. You sign up for a regular delivery for the quantity you need, and then receive them hassle-free. Another benefit is that you can switch up your order at any time. If you want recommendations from the company or if you want to try a new roast, just contact the company to request the change. 

Overall, no two caffeine addicts are alike. Don’t push yourself to enjoy your drink a certain way just because everyone else likes it that way! Experiment and try new thingsPurchase the best tools you can afford, and embrace a preparation method that aligns with your lifestyle. Finish it off with a coffee subscription service, and you’ll be amazed at the difference.

Remember, you’re the expert in your own tastes. Pursue the cup of joe that makes you happiest and it’ll be the best cup on the planet. 

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