Enhance Your Hot Beverages With These 3 Plant Extracts

Written by: Raj Jana

Enhance Your Hot Beverages With These 3 Plant Extracts

Are you someone who looks forward to their cup of joe each morning? Waking up to a steaming hot mug of this refreshing treat is a tradition for many people worldwide. It provides your mind with clarity and gets your body feeling alive. It enjoys a cult following in many countries with an entire culture surrounding drinking and preparation. Many people who love this delicious drink also look for other ways to keep their minds and bodies stimulated throughout the day, as sometimes drinking too much can give you the jitters. 

If you currently have a coffee subscription where you receive a bag of beans each month, you may be looking for some ways to enhance your mug each morning. Many people will add sugar or milk to their cup of joe, but there are other substances you can add that can make it even better. Plant extracts are a common trend among health enthusiasts, and many mild formations can elevate cognition and ease anxiety. If you are curious about these plant extracts and how they can help enhance your morning cup of joe, check them out below. 


A great way to enhance your morning caffeinated beverage is with a Ginseng extract. You may have seen Ginseng marketed in other energy drinks, at the store in a pill format, or perhaps as a tea. While it can be an ingredient in all of these things, you can also buy it in extract form. Ginseng extracts are relatively inexpensive, and they have little to no taste. It comes from the root of the Panax plant. A few drops to a teaspoon of a Ginseng extract can help you focus and think clearly, providing similar effects to a cup of joe. Ginseng is packed with antioxidants that can help to fight free radicals in the brain and bodily inflammation. It can last longer than your caffeine and help you feel more alert even after the caffeine has worn off. 

So as you think about your next morning cup of joe, you should consider adding some Ginseng. You will expect to feel some of the benefits right away and, over time, even more so. You can usually purchase Ginseng extract at any health food store, or you can buy it online. With an adequate supply of Ginseng in the cupboard and a coffee subscription, you will be all set to take the morning by storm. Ensure that you speak to your healthcare practitioner if you have any more questions or think that it may interact with any other medications you are taking, but generally, it tends to be safe.

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For those of you who tend to get jittery after a couple of cups of joe in the morning, you will love L-theanine. L-theanine is derived from tea leaves and has a ton of benefits to the mind and body. The most prominent benefit is that it can rapidly relax your mind and make you more focused. For example, if you want green tea benefits, but don't want to give up your morning cup of joe, opt for an L-theanine extract. Not only is L-theanine going to make you more relaxed and focused, but it can potentially help boost the immune system, reduce your blood pressure, and aid in weight loss

If you are curious about L-theanine, you should speak to your doctor or visit a health food store. They will help you to understand the substance better. In some cases, you will even find L-theanine droppers explicitly made for your morning cup of joe. After you try it for a day or two, you will know if it is something that you want to continue. It becomes a staple in their morning routine for some people and keeps them both stimulated and calm, allowing them to be more proactive at work without getting too distracted. 

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Throughout Europe and Asia, in mountainous regions, the herb Rhodiola grows. The roots of this plant are considered an adaptogen. An adaptogen is a substance that can help your body handle stress. It is said to have over 140 active compounds and has scientifically proven benefits. The best thing about it is that it comes in an extract, making it easy to add to your cup of joe each morning. Rhodiola's primary benefit is that it will lower stress, but you need to take it consistently. Over time your body will be able to perform better when a stressful situation comes around. Not only this, stress can cause your body to become fatigued, so if you find in the mornings, even after having two cups of joe, that you are still tired, it may be because copious amounts of stress plagues your body. 

Whether it is stress from work or physical stressors, this can make you feel tired even with caffeine in your system. By adding Rhodiola into the mix, you are doing your brain and body a favor and managing the stress when it comes. You will find that your brain not only functions better, but you have better physical performance as it can heighten endurance. If you have more concerns or questions about this adaptogen, make sure to contact your healthcare practitioner or a health food expert

When it comes to enhancing your morning cup of coffee, consider plant extracts. While some cream and sugar may be what you are used to, they do not provide you with any benefits Ginseng, L-theanine, or Rhodiola will. After trying the above extracts, you’ll find yourself more calm and relaxed. There’s nothing wrong with adjusting your morning schedule a little bit if it means that you’re going to be better prepared to handle the day overall.

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