3 Ways To Prevent Teeth Coffee-Stains

Written by: Expose Media

3 Ways To Prevent Teeth Coffee-Stains
If you are someone who loves to drink their morning java hot and black, you may be worried about your teeth becoming discolored. Drinkers of this dark liquid worldwide are also trying to find out more ways to prevent their teeth from becoming stained, as cutting out a cup of joe altogether is not an option. Having stained teeth can affect how you feel every day and make you feel uncomfortable when speaking to people in close quarters.

Depending on when you last had your teeth cleaned, your dentist may have told you that you need to cut back on your consumption of dark liquids, but this is a part of the routine for many people. When you wake up, you want to enjoy your time relaxing, drinking a steaming cup of joe, and not being worried about what it will do to your teeth. Well, there are many tactics that you can implore, three of which are outlined below. If you currently receive beans or grinds from a coffee subscription service, make sure to check it is renewed for next year. You don’t want to end up in a situation where you are left with no morning caffeine to get your day going.

Add Animal Milk

You may think that any form of java you have will stain your teeth, but the most notorious is straight black. If you add animal milk to your drink, it will significantly diminish the staining effects. The reason animal milk works this way is unique proteins in the animals' milk that bind to the staining polyphenols in the drink. These typically attach to your teeth and cause stains, but they are carried straight into your stomach and broken down because the milk is present. However, as many people are cutting back on their dairy consumption, you can't rely on this method to work for soy and almond milk because they do not have the right proteins. If you can have dairy but just trying to cut back, a small amount of grass-fed cow's milk or goat's milk will not do any harm, and it can be very nutritious. The best lattes and cappuccinos are made with whole milk because it tastes the best. If you are someone who drinks theirs with milk already, you are ahead of the curve and probably don't have as bad stains. Otherwise, check out the other tips below.

Brush! Brush! Brush!

Brushing your teeth may be reserved for the morning and evening, but if you are an extreme java drinker, you should be brushing them much more often. If you try to brush your teeth immediately after drinking your cup of joe, it can help remove the polyphenols before they have time to stain your teeth. If you don't do this, they will stay on your teeth and eventually stain them. If you are someone who likes to take their java at work or on the go, you will have to bring a toothbrush with you. You may find it annoying to adjust to this habit at first, but it will come much more manageable with time. If you think that this won't be possible to do after every cup, you should invest in a high-quality toothbrush. An electric toothbrush is much more powerful and can help get and keep your teeth much whiter. If you spend at least two minutes using this new brush with whitening toothpaste, you are sure to see results. Many of these brushes are now so advanced they connect to smartphone apps that time your brushing and help you get all the places you may have missed.

Drink It Differently

Besides adding milk and brushing your teeth, you should also drink your java using a different method. If you tend to drink it right from the edge of a mug or cup, the liquid goes directly into your mouth and covers your teeth, tongue, and gums. Using a straw instead is going to ensure that none of the dark liquid gets on your teeth. As the polyphenols will cause the staining, they will have no chance if they will go directly to the back of your throat. As plastic straws are not the best for the environment, you should opt to buy a reusable straw. These straws come in a variety of materials and designs, including silicone and chrome. Chrome may get too hot, but glass or silicone could be perfect, plus they look cool. With time you will come to enjoy drinking your java through a straw. Even if you have a day or two without a straw, you will most likely reap the rewards if you are putting in the effort most of the time. If you have yet to invest in a coffee subscription service, you would be pleasantly surprised at the convenience it brings into your life. Every month you never have to worry that you won't have any grinds or beans left in the cupboard as there will be a steady shipment flowing your way.

Not everyone will want to put in the effort to prevent their teeth from discoloration, especially if they think cutting out java is part of the process. As you most likely love and crave your cup of joe, any thought of getting rid of may cause you to shudder. However, there is no need to drop the mug just yet. If you add some animal milk, the polyphenols will bind to the proteins and flow directly into your gut. With some routine brushing following your drink, a better toothbrush, and a straw in hand, your teeth will be as white as a water drinker.