3 Tips For Streamlining Your Morning Routine

Written by: Raj Jana

3 Tips For Streamlining Your Morning Routine

When you wake up in the morning, you want there to be as few problems as possible. The best way to ensure that your morning goes smoothly is to have a routine. A routine can help you get going on the day while also letting your body acclimate to a set of behaviors each morning. Over time, this routine will become second nature, and it won't be so much of an effort to get up. However, for many people, these routines are not possible, especially with unpredictable or busy family life. 

Even for those who have a busy life, there are ways to streamline your morning routine so that there is a bit of normalcy each time you wake up. Once you have a morning routine down pat, you will find that you sleep better and wake up refreshed. If you think that it is time for you to streamline your morning routine, check out the three tips below. 

Pick A Time Frame

The best way to start your routine-formation-journey is by picking a time frame. Having a set time to perform your routine each morning will make it a lot more possible and help you plan. If you work an often unpredictable job, having a time frame can be helpful in some cases. For example, if you work at 8:30 AM, you should try and give yourself at least an hour to complete your routine. In this time frame, you have to account for eating breakfast, getting dressed, showering (if you shower in the morning), and anything else you might want to fit in. If you like to get a bit of exercise in the morning, you should try to wake up at least 30 minutes to one hour earlier so that you don't feel too rushed. 

Once you pick a time frame, you can then divide this into small portions. Over time, you will come to see which activities take the longest and those that are easier. The important thing about this time frame is that you should stick with it for at least a week before trying something else. Many people will often give up on a morning routine, but these tend to work best if you are consistent. If you like a hefty dose of caffeine in the morning, make sure to join a coffee club.

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Ease Into Your Routine

Once you have picked a time frame for which you will complete your morning routine, you should allow at least 20 minutes to ease into it. Waking up and rushing around will only cause your body to get stressed and make you forget things or make hasty decisions that often end up in unfavorable scenarios. Instead of slamming the alarm, turning on the light, and running around your home trying to gather your things, take your time. Let your alarm go off and lie there for a minute before getting out of bed. Try and do slow movements so that your body can adjust to the day instead of being forced into mobility. 

Once you are up, you can get yourself a cup of joe and let the caffeine slowly hit you. During this time, you should sit down and read the paper, listen to the radio, or enjoy a quiet activity that allows you to meditate before your big day ahead. You will find that you can adjust to the day much more effectively and don't have that groggy feeling that many people do later on in the morning. If you join a coffee club, you can guarantee that you have your morning cup ready without having to worry about running to the store before work. 

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Plan Ahead

Planning for anything is essential, but for a morning routine, it is even more so. The night before, you should prepare anything that may slow you down ahead of time. If you know you are someone who takes forever trying to pick out the best outfit for work, try and do this before going to bed. Once you commit to an outfit, you can trust that you will have a bit of extra time in the morning to relax before you start your day. The same goes for breakfast and lunch. If you like to eat before work, you should try and have everything ready to go or have an idea of what you will eat. If you are trying to figure it out in the morning, you will only make yourself more frustrated. 

If you like to bring lunches to work, you should make these also the night before so you can quickly grab them and head to the office. The key to preparing for a morning routine is to eliminate any big decisions. As your mind is just getting back into the swing of things in the early morning hours, you don't want to overwhelm it with having to make a bunch of choices. With time, you will know which decision works best for you and find that your routine feels more natural. 

Not everyone is a morning person. But regardless if you are or aren't, having a morning routine where you know what is happening before you head to work will make you feel a lot better day-to-day, and it can even affect your sleep. People with a good morning routine tend to be less stressed and function better both physically and mentally as their body is overall more relaxed. 

If you follow the above tips, adopt some habits, and stay consistent, you can experience the benefits of a healthy morning routine. Don't forget to join a coffee club as it is a sure way to add a stimulating treat to your day, every day. 

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