Take Your Aeropress Camping For Easy Outdoor Coffee

Written by: Garrett Oden

Take Your Aeropress Camping For Easy Outdoor Coffee

Spending time in the peace and quiet of nature is a rewarding thing. The birds, the gentle sway of trees, the absence of hustle and bustle, a mug of coffee at your side.

When most people think of camping coffee, they think of cowboy coffee or instant coffee. Neither of these types of coffee match the grandeur of nature when camping. In the midst of living trees, fresh air, and serene landscapes, you should be able to have rich and deeply satisfying coffee - not bitter junk.

One of the best ways to have coffee of this quality while you’re enjoying the great outdoors is to take your Aeropress camping. This unique brewing method has exploded in popularity, largely because it works so well as a travel brewer.

It’s not as convenient as pouring instant coffee powder into hot water, but it’s far more rewarding and worthwhile. Let me share with you how.

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Small, Light, Durable

The Aeropress is a powerful coffee brewer, but it isn’t shaped like one. The cylindrical brewer weighs less than 7 ounces and is only 5 x 11 inches long. It’s small enough to fit into the leftover spaces of any bag and light enough for any journey.

This small size does come with a price, however. The brewer’s capacity maxes out at about 8 ounces of coffee, which isn’t enough for some people. Still, this isn’t a deal-breaker and making a second cup isn’t difficult if you can’t go without it.

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The entire Aeropress - with the exception of the rubber seal - is made of polypropylene. This food safe plastic is nearly indestructible and can handle any setting you put it in. A friend of mine once ran his car over his Aeropress. It showed no signs of damage. It’s that good.

Whether you’re a serious backpacker or a casual camper, the Aeropress will suit your space, weight, and durability needs more than any other coffee maker.

Brews Stellar Coffee

Here’s the real magic: the Aeropress can make some of the world’s best coffee with ease. Ever heard of the World Aeropress Championships? Yeah. It’s a thing.

Many people swear by very rigid and precise recipes, but in reality, the Aeropress is a very forgiving brewer. It thrives everywhere, even in less-than-ideal circumstances.

The easiest way to use the Aeropress is via the inverted method. You push the plunger slightly into the brewing chamber, face the open side upwards, and leave the filter cap off.

  1. Boil fresh, clean water in a pot over a fire or jetboil.
  2. Grind 16g of coffee (1 generous Aeropress scoop) to a medium setting and pour it into the brewing chamber.
  3. Fill the Aeropress to the top with water (about 8 ounces).
  4. Set a timer and let it steep for 2 minutes.
  5. Attach the filter cap, flip onto a mug, and press down for 30 seconds.

Even if you loosely follow this simple recipe, you’ll end up with a rich and balanced mug. Like I said, it’s a pretty forgiving method and recipe.

You’ll be so glad you didn’t bring instant coffee. The rich flavors of your Aeropress coffee will satisfy in a way instant coffee will never be able to.

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Cleanup Is Simple

To clean the Aeropress, simply detach the filter cap and push the coffee grounds through using the plunger. Though coffee grounds are biodegradable, they are quite aromatic. To avoid attracting animals to your campsite, scatter or bury them far from the trail.

If you use paper filters, you’ll have to hold onto them and carry them out. While it’s not the end of the world, it’s no convenient. A reusable stainless steel filter is nice to have in this scenario. You just have to rinse it off (along with the rest of the brewer), dry if off, and you’re good to go.


The Aeropress is light, slim, and durable. It brews incredible coffee and is easy to clean - even in the wilderness. If you want to take the rich coffee you love to the landscapes you love, the Aeropress is the tool for the job.

So much better than instant coffee!

But, of course, you still need to use specialty-grade, freshly roasted beans. Otherwise, what's the point?

That's what our Coffee Club is all about: A+ beans that are shipped within two hours of being roasted - so you know they arrive as fresh as can be!

And you can taste the difference.


Pictures taken by Justin Mullet