Coffee - Peru - Love Language

Coffee - Peru - Love Language

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The Name

The Toctos’ dream of building up their community isn’t all that surprising. Andean culture is rich with communally-minded language and rituals that are designed to improve life for everyone. When they arrived, the Spanish in the 1500’s even recorded that every Incan citizen would donate three months per year to government projects—and they enjoyed it!

Giving back to the community seems to be love language for many in Peru, and we’re thrilled to be able to support that beautiful, inspiring mindset by offering this coffee.

The Farm -Churupampa

Eber Tocto and his three brothers took over the family farm high in the Andes Mountains back in 2011. They dreamed of moving away from subsistence farming and creating a business that could help their community thrive. So they made it happen.

Churupampa is more than an award-winning, Certified Organic farm. It’s a community hub for agricultural training, marketing guidance, and coffee processing. The organization now has 162 area farmers under its wing, and the impact on the community has been dramatic. Farmers are no longer scraping by. They’re earning fair wages, providing for their families—they even get to taste their high-scoring coffees before they’re shipped off to roasters abroad.

Giving back to the community is a value deeply embedded in Andean culture. This love language goes back hundreds of years, and the Tocto’s are a perfect example of the difference it can make in people’s lives.

But communal giving shouldn’t just be a far-off ideal. Not a day goes by that you don’t have a chance to show love to your community. And when you invest in your neighbors, they tend to invest back. Bring some Andean community culture to your world. You’ll be glad you did.

The Coffee

The farmers behind this month’s daily brew didn’t grow their coffee in isolation. They gave back to their neighborhood farmers, invested in a culture of cooperation, and ended up growing a coffee bean that’s stunningly flavorful—we’re thrilled to share it with you.

Good things happen when we give back to our community, and Love Language is a simple, delicious manifestation of that truth.

The Region

There may not be a South American country with more color and vibrancy than Peru. The towering Andes are home to dozens of micro-cultures and thousands of high-quality coffee farms (Peru is the 5th largest producer of Arabica coffee).

The cloud forests within the mountains are perfect for producing coffee, leading to crisp acidities and exotic flavors. Love Language, a Certified Organic bean, has a bright apple tang, a juicy sweetness, and a smooth body.

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