Coffee - Papua New Guinea - Pristine Harvest

Coffee - Papua New Guinea - Pristine Harvest

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The Name

Harvested from one of the world’s most ancient and wild landscapes, Pristine Harvest is a testament to the richness of life spent in connection with nature. You can taste the ruggedness of this organic coffee, harvested from natural coffee ‘gardens’ and grown without agrochemicals or big machines.

Each mug is a portal away from the screens, concrete, and noise. It’s a chance to savor the beauty of the natural world around you, a moment to reconnect to the vibrant, diverse, and colorful planet you call home.

The Farm - Korofeigu Farmers’ Co-Op Society

This farmer society is different from the typical regional co-op. It’s small, very traditional, and entirely Certified Organic. Each of the ninety farmers is a smallholder, sometimes with as few as twenty coffee trees in their ‘gardens’.

Despite the size, the society has had a big impact, enabling the coffee farmers of the Bena Bena Valley to profit more on their crops than ever before and creating a local economy that’s strong and resilient against the economic instability of the rest of the country.

The Coffee

Papua New Guinea isn’t like other coffee origins. The island remains unconsumed by concrete and industry. Dense jungle covers the tall mountain ranges—many of which are still home to tribes untouched by the outside world—and the natives protect their ancient, pristine landscape.

Even the natural coffee ‘gardens’ are Certified Organic because the locals prefer their ancient practices over agrochemicals. And you can taste the raw, natural flavors in this offering: sweet milk chocolate, smooth almond, and a rustic ginger-toned acidity

The Region

Coffee plants made it to Papua New Guinea in 1926, but large plantations didn’t. The jungle was too dense, the terrain too wild, the natives too honoring of their land. Over decades, the plants spread across the island, forming small natural gardens in isolated areas of the highlands.

The wild, rugged nature of these gardens means the annual coffee harvest isn’t a matter of expensive machinery, neat rows of plants, or precisely timed fertilizing. It’s a natural, communal time where man meets nature in a pure, honest, and inspiring way.

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