Coffee - Mexico - Kindred Spirits

Coffee - Mexico - Kindred Spirits

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The Name

Bright, deeply flavored, and mantled by a rich cane sugar sweetness, this stand-out Mexican coffee is just as colorful and exciting as the culture it comes from. But it’s more than a mere pleasant brew—it’s your chance to sense the passion, community, nature, and spirit of Mexico poured into every bean.

Allow each cup of Kindred Spirits to help you to see beyond your personal horizons and remind you of the connectivity we all share with each other and the world.

The Farm - Mayan Harvest

Rosalba Cifuentes remembers shucking corn with her grandparents by the evening fire. Small town rumors, the upcoming coffee harvest, and far-off dreams were frequently discussed. She had no idea, but one of her dreams would eventually come true: selling coffee from her hometown all over the world.

Rosalba’s family runs the Mayan Harvest mill in Bella Vista, a small town in Chiapas, Mexico, and she spends her days empowering local farmers to sell their beans at sustainable prices. For Rosalba, it’s a childhood dream come true.

The Coffee

The vibrancy of Mexican culture and community goes far beyond the obvious—and the same is true for the coffee. The full body and earthy tasting notes have long been used as a flavor foundation in blends, but the specialty coffee movement is rediscovering how stunning these coffees can be as single origins.

This coffee features a rich cane sugar sweetness right from the start. A black grape acidity arrives to form a deep citrus fruitiness that’s smoothed out by a smooth chocolatey flavor.

The Region

The movies don’t do this country justice. From the quiet towns in the Northern deserts to the villages built atop Mayan ruins in the Southern rainforests, Mexico is full of flavor, color, and community. The spirit of connection—to each other, to heritage, to nature—is unlike anywhere else.

Mexico’s the #1 producer of organic coffee, but not because they’ve revolutionized their agriculture practices. Farming communities are so connected to the spirit of the land that they’ve essentially been growing crops organically for a millenium.

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