Coffee - Indonesia - Mystic Meaning

Coffee - Indonesia - Mystic Meaning

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The Name

Tucked away deep in the island of Sumatra lay the Batak people, a group with over a thousand years of culture and history—and it’s all saturated with meaning. From the artisanry of weaving and woodcarving, to the Elek Marboru (showing kindness to all women), to the sacredness of heartfelt gifts like knives and clothing, a culture of mystic meaning and mindfulness permeates the ordinary.

And when we taste this coffee, it’s clear that our Batak farming partners take growing coffee every bit as serious as they do their most ancient rituals.

The Farm - Korofeigu Farmers’ Co-Op Society

The arabica coffee trees that grew this bean look over the serene Lake Toba in Sumatra, Indonesia. There’s something about looking over the massive lake—surrounded by mountains, trees, and wildlife—that draws you in and makes you present.

For the Batak people, this grand view represents everyday life—but they don’t let the magic escape them. Our farm partners around Lake Toba exist in a culture that’s mindful to the core. From the way they enter houses, to the way they cook food, to the philosophy of kindness and family that saturates every human interaction—everyday moments are infused with a mystical meaning.

You may not live near your dream landscape, but you’re never without the opportunity to rediscover the richness of daily life.

On your next walk outside, marvel at how the wind interacts with the world. Next time you cook, make sure to savor the aromas of each of your ingredients, individually and then in harmony. And next time you brew a cup of coffee, sip it slowly—the story and meaning of each bean can only be heard by taste buds that are open to experiencing them.

The Coffee

In Indonesia, an original processing method is used to separate the coffee beans from the cherry called giling basah (“wet hulled”). It’s akin to the washed method, but because the climate is so humid, the protective ‘parchment’ layer is removed from the bean to help it dry extra quickly.

The result is a distinct earthy and woody flavor—and this offering is one of the best we’ve ever had from Sumatra. A classic rustic flavor drives the experience, followed by a rich molasses sweetness and a hint of cherry fruitiness.

The Region

Despite being the sixth largest island in the world, Sumatra isn’t very well known. There are hundreds of indigenous groups, each with stunning amounts of centuries-old traditions and rituals—and the more you learn about them, the more you discover that everyday life for Sumatrans is filled with rich meaning.

From cooperative cooking techniques to a philosophy of kindness and family, there seems to be a never-ending stream of wisdom worth learning about—but we’ll start with this: there’s always meaning to be discovered in the simplest of daily routines.

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