Coffee - Guatemala - Sweet Synergy

Coffee - Guatemala - Sweet Synergy

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San Pedro Necta Town

Low revenue, few buyers, and issues with quality control. As isolated rivals, life was hard for the coffee growers of San Pedro Necta, a small town in the mountains of Guatemala’s Huehuetenango region. Something had to change.

Dozens of farmers banded together to form a coffee cooperative. They shared knowledge, resources, and raised their coffee quality—and sure enough, more buyers started showing up (including us). We’re thrilled to share this bean, made possible by sweet synergy, with you.

Processing And Profit

Small coffee farmers usually sell their harvested coffee ‘cherries’ to processing mills. The co-op of San Pedro Necta, however, realized they could make better coffee and profit more if they took processing into their own hands (literally).

Each farmer now depulps their cherries with a hand-crank machine, ferments the beans for 12-18 hours, and dries them on patios for 7 days. This process isn’t only more profitable, but it results in the juicy plum tang, maple sweetness, and smooth chocolate notes of this irresistible coffee.


The mountainous country of Guatemala is experiencing a specialty coffee renaissance. In 2000, specialty-grade beans became available to locals for the first time, and while most still drink affordable instant coffee, more and more Guatemalans are gaining a long-deserved pride for their country’s coffee.

There are six distinct coffee growing regions in Guatemala, but Huehuetenango, where Sweet Synergy was produced, is quickly becoming the specialty coffee farming capital of the country.

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