Coffee - Ethiopia - Stepping Stone

Coffee - Ethiopia - Stepping Stone

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The Name

Rising from the ashes of decades of oppression and struggle, this standout Ethiopian coffee isn’t just delicious—it’s the manifestation of a persecuted people stepping up and reclaiming their pride and story.

Just as the Sidama people used this coffee to rise above their oppressors and take back their identity, so can you also use it to remove the masks others create for you and step into your skin like you own it (because, guess what—you do)

The Farm - Sidama Coffee Farmers Union

Nestled in the Sidama Zone of Southern Ethiopia, this community of over 80,000 farmers has made quite a name for itself in the specialty coffee industry. Most of these farms are family-owned, but by sharing resources and working together, they’ve created a communal stepping stone that’s enabled them to become one of the most recognized farmer unions in the world.

This complex offering has a vibrant flavor profile with a honey sweetness, a pink grapefruit and peach fruitiness, a jasmine aroma, and a warm cinnamon aftertaste.

The Coffee

When King Menelik II of Central Ethiopia invaded the southern Sidama region in the 1880’s, he brought with him a derogatory term to dehumanize his new subjects: ‘Sidamo’. For decades the locals suffered under harsh rule, but they wouldn’t let the story end there.

Local farmers banned together to empower their communities, creating a coffee-growing region that would become Ethiopia’s finest. What used to be a struggling people group has evolved into a world-renown coffee name. When you hear Sidama, you know it’s going to be good.

The Region

This African nation is made up of hundreds of people groups, each with their own traditions and language. But despite the stunning level of cultural diversity, these tribes have learned that cooperation is what truly enables the nation to reach its fullest potential: unified, passionate, and skilled.

And it shows in the coffee. There’s not a coffee origin as mystifying as Ethiopia. It has 99% of the world’s coffee genetic diversity, is full of gifted farmers, and produces some of the world’s most beloved and exotic beans.

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