Coffee - Ethiopia - Brazil - Magic Moments

Coffee - Ethiopia - Brazil - Magic Moments

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A Blend Of Giants

Pairing the legacy and nostalgia of Ethiopia’s coffee culture with the magnitude and importance of Brazil’s coffee industry, this is a blend of heavy-hitters—and we’re thrilled to share it with you.

Each sip is a past-meets-present experience, with Ethiopia’s history as the birthplace of coffee harmonizing with Brazil’s status as the #1 coffee producer in the world—a thousand years of coffee history wrapped up in a mug of coffee.

Naturally Processed

Both farms process their coffee cherries using the ‘natural process’, setting them out on large patios to dry naturally. After a couple weeks of fermentation, the beans can easily be removed from the fruity cherry.

Thanks to this prolonged contact between bean and cherry, the Brazilian’s deep chocolate and tangy lime notes enhance the Ethiopian’s berry-like flavor and lavender aroma in a stunning sensory experience that’s only possible with a blend.

Farmers That Make Magic

In Ethiopia, the brothers behind Daya Bensa, our partner coffee grower and exporter, host an annual ‘Out-Growers Day’, where nearly 1,000 area farmers celebrate their harvests, receive overseas payments, and win awards for quality coffee. Across the world in Brazil, Jose Maria De Oliveria throws an annual Christmas party for his entire village, paid for by his high-scoring coffee beans.

These two farms don’t take their hard-earned money and hoard it—they create magic moments for their communities. And now they get to create a few for you.

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