featuring Happy Place

  • Happy Place - Signature Blend
  • Tasting Notes: Chocolate Cookie, Blackberry, Guava
  • Origin: Kenya, Uganda, Ethiopia

Inspired by the cooperative spirit of farmers across Kenya, Uganda, and Ethiopia, Happy Place is an offering that unites the flavors of three humble co-ops to create a blend you won’t soon forget.

But blending together the little things doesn’t just lead to great coffee—it’s a powerful way to find joy in each day. Embrace the collective virtue of life’s small pleasures, including your daily brew, and you’ll discover that your happy place is never more than a thoughtful moment away.

An East African Trio

The harmony of the velvety chocolate flavor, blackberry and guava fruitiness, and cola-like tang of this blend can’t be accomplished with a single excellent coffee—it takes three.

This blend contains two coffees we’ve featured recently, Giving Tree and Quiet Storm, but it brings in a third from Kenya to create one of the tastiest coffee trios we’ve ever experienced. Give yourself the space to savor the exceptional well-roundedness you can only find in a blend like this.

Cheers To Your Happy Place

Our farm partners out in Nyeri, Kenya; Mt. Elgon, Uganda; and Guji, Ethiopia have dedicated a full season to these coffees, uniting resources with other local farmers via co-ops to ensure their beans could be enjoyed to the fullest by you.

Let these beans do what they’re meant to: bring you to your happy place. Each sip is a chance to feel gratitude for the skilled farmers, let the rich flavors take your taste buds for a ride, and soak in a moment that’s just for you.

Bring On The Peaberry

As if this blend’s not already capable of drawing you into the unique experience, it’s also 100% peaberry!

Because of a growth defect inside the coffee cherry that makes one coffee bean fail to grow, the other bean—the peaberry—takes on a round shape and is given extra nutrients by the plant. This leads to an extraordinarily delicious and complex flavor profile that won’t escape you in this coffee.

These incredible beans are exclusively reserved for coffee club members, and are currently not available to the general public. To be the first to experience this artfully roasted offering, please join our specialty coffee membership today.


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