Brewer's Choice Blend

Brewer's Choice Blend

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Tastes Like

Cranberry, Candied Nuts, Toffee

Chase The Light

Raise a fist to not settling for “good enough”. Brighter Future is the perfect moment to make peace with where you’ve been—and imagine where you want to go. 

Allow the sugary-sweet flavors to draw your senses away from the struggles of today, then dream boldly of the future you’ve always wanted. Bask in the warmth of the great What Could Be. You deserve it. Go get it.

Coffee vs Cocaine

Growing sugarcane in northern Peru is becoming economically non-viable. Realizing they cannot support their families, many farmers have transitioned their farms to grow coca, the plant that’s essential to producing cocaine. The farmers of the village Laurel, however, chose a different path.

A local coffee cooperative offered not just higher profits, but access to farming education, healthcare, and financial support. Thanks to this community of coffee growers, these farmers were given an alternative to coca that was more sustainable and wholesome. They were given a true opportunity to chase a brighter future, and we’re thrilled to support them on their journey.


Long considered an under-the-radar origin in the specialty coffee world, Peru is just now gaining the reputation it deserves for its complex, exceptionally sweet coffee. The nation was one of the first in South America to grow coffee commercially in the mid-1700s, but the intense Andes Mountains have kept many remote farming villages from accessing the global coffee market for centuries.

We’re proud to support a local cooperative in the region of San Ignacio that’s helping small family-owned farms get their truly amazing beans into your mug.


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