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Brewer's Choice Blend

Brewer's Choice Blend

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Hello, Trailblazer

Shed the old and set yourself free. Crimson Trail represents uncharted territories that await your undertaking. It’s here, in far-away lands and goals where your dreams and passions live, waiting for you to begin your journey toward them. With Crimson Trail, nothing is unreachable.
Each cup sparks a flame within and sets you off to blaze your own trail, liberated from past burdens and barriers. Conquer the unexplored and create a new path that takes your life to beautiful views that you’ve never imagined. We raise a mug to the new you.

Tastes Like: Citrus, Dark Chocolate, Juicy Body, Tropical Fruit Finish

Burn, Cocaine, Burn

Norberto was in the drug trade just a couple of years ago. Located in the remote Narino region of Colombia, all he could do with his land was grow coca plants, which cartels bought and turned into cocaine. Tired of violence and seeking a better life for his family, he decided to do something radical.

In an inspiring story of communal liberation, burning old bridges, and forging new paths, Norberto and other local farmers literally burned down their coca farms, paving the way for a safer, more sustainable future as coffee growers—and we couldn’t be more thrilled to support them by sharing their coffee with you.


Colombia is known around the world for its violent cartels and drug trade, but the country is desperate for change. The government has achieved unprecedented peace in recent years, everyday Colombians, like Norberto, are finally free to choose the direction of their life, and thousands of rural families are turning to growing  coffee—and away from coca and poppy—to create sustainable, safe futures for their communities.


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