Why Choose JavaPresse?

  • Product Obsession 

    When you drink the coffee you love, you can enjoy little moments of happiness everyday – wherever you are.

    It’s why our innovative range of coffee gear aims to enhance your lifestyle and make each day special. Affordable and minimalistic, our low-tech products won’t clutter your counter or wake people up in the morning. Instead, they’ll help you prepare and enjoy delicious coffee – one perfect cup at a time.

    Designed by coffee enthusiasts and crafted with love, we work tirelessly to create quality products you’ll feel proud to use and excited to share.

    You can explore our growing range of coffee gear HERE.

  • Customer First 

    As a small, family-owned business, we believe product quality and customer service go hand in hand.

    It’s why your purchase is just the start of our relationship together. We want you to rave about JavaPresse, love using our products, and feel certain you made the right choice to join our family.

    It’s why we’ll take care of you (in the same warm way your grandma does) and keep challenging ourselves to enhance your product experience - to make it the best it can possibly be.

    We promise you can rely on us to be attentive, quick to respond, and on hand to solve issues swiftly. After all, coffee is about community and as part of our family, we promise to treat you as such - always.

    If you’ve got a question or want to chat with one of the team, CLICK HERE.

  • Evolved Enterprise 

    We’re not a nonprofit, we’re an evolved enterprise.

    That means instead of raising donations, we sell products and spread positive messages to raise funds for charities that make the world a brighter place.

    We want to be your daily dose of happiness and are committed to delivering those same incredible experiences to charities and people all over the world.

    And right now, we’re partnering with Make-A-Wish Central & South Texas.

    To learn about why we’ve partnered with the Make-A-Wish Foundation, CLICK HERE.

  • Community Impact 

    We all have that instinct to help others. Helping creates smiles, spreads happiness and makes us feel good. It’s an addictive feeling.

    But life is busy… We can’t always find time to do the good things we’d like.

    The truth is you don’t need to make a grand gesture for someone to feel good. Little things quickly grow into something big – and that’s why we created the Stay Grounded Community Fund.

    To make giving back easy for you.

    It’s simple - For every product you purchase or action you take as a part of our community, we donate to a Community Fund on your behalf.

    All the proceeds collected in this fund are then donated to the Make-A-Wish Foundation every quarter.

    Everything from liking our Facebook page to referring our products to your friends, we want to empower you to infuse happiness in your own life while making a difference in others.

    Because that’s the purest form of joy there is.

    To help us make an impact, CLICK HERE.

  • Lifestyle Driven 

    With the pressures of everyday life, the simple joys can pass us by. But when you make daily happiness a priority, you can turn an ordinary moment into the extraordinary. When you make the most of the moments you love, life feels better.

    We believe drinking great coffee is an easy way to infuse bliss into everyday moments.

    That’s why we want to help you stay grounded and make your happiness a priority. Whether it’s through our wonderful products or an easy way to donate to charity, we’re committed to helping you experience life on amazing terms – everyday.

    To discover what it means to Stay Grounded, CLICK HERE.