The Revolutionary Tale of Coffee Clubs

What's the big deal with coffee clubs these days? It seems as if everywhere you turn, someone is offering a subscription for monthly coffee service. Is it just a fad, or are coffee clubs here to stay? To sum it all up, the world of coffee is going through a bit of a renaissance at the moment, and coffee clubs are just one way in which premium growers and suppliers are looking to get their beans to you.

If you're a coffee lover or even just a casual drinker, you might not be drinking as good a cup of coffee as you think. If you have ever sat down in a café and taken a sip of a professionally brewed work of art, you know the difference between a pot of automatic drip coffee and an utterly amazing brew. The difference here is your beans and your brewing method. Coffee clubs hope to bridge that divide by bringing you the right beans to make the best possible java straight to your front door.

If you haven't already subscribed to a coffee club, we highly recommend giving it your consideration. You'll be helping yourself and a few other people along the way. If you're not sure what we mean, no worries; we've got all the details you need right here.


Small Batch Growers Mean Big Results

Compared to the big brand names you might find in a grocery store, coffee clubs are generally more focused on providing their consumers with the highest-quality coffee rather than the highest quantity. You'll never find a half-gallon drum of pre-ground coffee sitting on your doorstep when you buy through our JavaPresse club. That would simply be antithetical to our vision. Instead, you'll receive small batches of freshly roasted beans sourced from small growers in their home countries.

This is how we manage to provide our subscribers with the most premium cups of coffee. It all starts at the source. We work directly with farmers in Colombia, El Salvador, Guatemala, and Mexico to find the best products available. This might just sound like a fancy way to get better flavor, but it's a lot more complex than that. It's about ethics and helping our fellow man.

We're not going to sugarcoat it; coffee can be a brutal industry. Coffee growers worldwide face some of the harshest conditions and get paid very little for their labor. Big industries exploit farmers for the cheapest crop possible, leaving them in a cycle of debt and near indentured servitude. We know that these practices are wrong and work extraordinarily hard to help growers on the ground by working with them directly.

All of our beans are Fair and Direct Trade certified, meaning that they meet strict ethical standards. We work to help our growers escape predatory markets such as the drug trade by offering prices based on their labor, not the prices set by an ever-fluctuating and volatile market. Our beans are never handled by forced laborers or children, so you can enjoy your cup of coffee knowing that you have helped support the people we must rely on. 


Coffee Clubs Drive-Up Quality

When we said that coffee is going through a bit of a renaissance, we didn't just mean at the production level. People are switching up how they brew and drink coffee because they've realized it takes more than just some hot water to achieve the best results. Twenty-five years ago, it was near impossible to find an espresso or a cappuccino outside a café in a major city. No one knew that it was even possible to get those same results at home.

These days, a cappuccino seems almost played out. But the point stands that people are looking for new methods to brew their morning cup of joe. Coffee has gone from being something we need to wake up in the morning to a daily ritual with our own personal touches. Coffee lovers have scoured the globe and come back with methods unique to many traditions, including French and Aero presses, Moka pots, pour overs, and even Turkish Cezve.

But this revolution didn't lead to the current coffee club culture; it's its result! Once specialty coffees started to take off, we realized that people wanted more from their coffee, and we set about giving it to them. With better beans, our subscribers knew that they needed the right way to extract all the best flavors. That is what led to the microcosm that is premium small-batch coffee.

These days, though, we like to look at it as a back-and-forth with our subscribers. We inspire them to drink better coffee, and they inspire us to provide the best beans through our coffee club. When we go to buy a crop, we make sure only to buy the best output. This encourages our growers to produce even healthier, more prosperous plants. They benefit in the long run, we benefit in the long run, and you benefit every morning when you take a sip of delicious coffee.


Coffee Clubs Revolutionize How You Access Coffee

We're going to assume that you haven't subscribed to a coffee club yet, and that's why you are reading this article. With that being the case, let us ask, how do you get your coffee these days? Knowing most people, it's probably one of two ways—either bought in bulk from a grocery store or prepared by a barista at a café.

While there is nothing wrong with getting coffee from a coffee shop or buying big bags of pre-processed grounds, you are making things more expensive and harder on yourself than they need to be. Instead of heading out to a local café every morning to stand in line or pushing a shopping cart around a packed store, why not let JavaPresse deliver our premium, ethically sourced beans right to your home?

We believe that coffee should be easy and enjoyable. It's about the experience of brewing your own cup of liquid bliss. Why muddy that morning ritual with a rushed dash to the coffee shop before work? Simply open your front door, pick up a package of our freshly roasted beans, grind them up, and start brewing. You'll start your day grounded in experience rather than frantically rushing to a coffee shop or brewing a sad pot of muddy processed coffee.


Our JavaPresse Coffee Club Is for You

Whether you prefer the citrusy tones of a light roast or the chocolatey boldness of a dark roast, we have an option for you. Our beans are never burnt, so you can appreciate their full flavor rather than choking on ash and char. We immediately ship out our beans after roasting, meaning that they're never left to sit on a shelf.

When you go to subscribe, just let us know which coffee speaks to you, and we'll be sure to get it sent out. If you're a casual drinker, we recommend our monthly option, but you might do better with our bi-weekly option if you're a real coffee fanatic. When you sign up, you'll get 20% off your first month, meaning that you get all the benefits of our ethically sourced premium beans for less than the cost of a drum of processed big-brand coffee.

Coffee clubs are not a trend that'll soon pass on by; they're the future of coffee. If you're a daily drinker, you'll appreciate where this revolution will take you.