Getting Through COVID-19 with the Best Coffee Subscription

Yikes, what a year this has been! It took a global pandemic for me to realize it, but before the world started falling apart, I really took for granted the little things in my everyday schedule—shopping at the grocery store, carpooling to work, and, of course, stopping off for my morning coffee.

It might come as a surprise, but even I would put up with lines at a café just for the convenience of picking up a coffee on the way to work. Now, though, I would give just about anything to stand in a queue, tiredly waiting for my lifeblood in a cup. Since all this started, I have fortunately found a solution to most of the problems created by this new normal, but it’s not quite the same.

Even if things are not yet back to normal, I’ve been able to work around the current limitations and find my own way. For example, take my new morning coffee routine. While I can’t just drop by the local café anymore, I have found a way to still get a delicious cup of coffee without too much hassle. Instead of fighting to maintain six feet of distance at the grocery store to pick up some mediocre grounds, I’ve been able to get an obviously better coffee delivered straight to my doorstep through one of the best coffee subscriptions available—our very own JavaPresse! If you’re still struggling to get your morning fix, you need to check us out.


How I Start My Day Now

Since most of us are now working from home, it can be difficult to shift from a sleepy-time pajama morning straight into business mode. Taking the steps that you would normally take can definitely help. I start by waking up with my alarm, and I immediately jump into the shower. From there, I follow my morning routine as I would in the before times. I get dressed, head downstairs, and act as if I’m going into the office.

I’ve never been much of a breakfast person (unhealthy, I know) but I never start my day without a cup of coffee. Compared to before, when I probably would have bought it from a coffee shop or just used my automatic coffee pot, these days, I have been mixing things up. With a little more time on my plate, my morning coffee has gone from a part of the routine to a quiet moment for myself before getting set up for a day’s work in the home office.

You might be wondering what this looks like. It starts with water. Coffee, of course, needs hot water, but you don’t want to go too hot. The problem with automatic coffee makers is that they take all the power out of your hands. They heat the water too hot, causing it to scald the coffee, creating a harsh, bitter flavor. Instead, I’ve switched to a pour-over technique because I can control every little variable.

First, I heat the water to a boil, but once it is boiling, I kill the heat and let it sit for a good two minutes. This allows the water to stay hot enough to extract the flavors without ruining the coffee’s natural sweetness. While the water is boiling, I then take a nice scoop of medium roast JavaPresse beans and load them into my manual burr grinder. I go for a relatively fine grind and then pack the coffee into my double-layer mesh pour-over dripper. I make sure not to pack it too tight because I want the water to pass through, yet still tight enough to get some resistance.

I then wake the beans up with a quick splash of the water. Once they are warm and awake, I empty out the first rinse and begin to gently pour water over the coffee. If you’ve never made coffee this way, it really is a centering experience. Having complete control over the flow means that I am directly responsible for the final product. I am one with my morning coffee.


Where This All Started

So, now that we are all acquainted with the intimate moments of my morning, you probably care more about how I got to this point. In the early days of the coronavirus pandemic, I was sitting at home drinking coffee from my automatic coffee maker. It was fine, but it wasn’t like when I had access to a professionally brewed beverage. I had, of course, been aware of JavaPresse’s coffee subscription, but for whatever reason, it never occurred to me that I should sign up. It always seemed like something for someone else.

After about a week, though, it was like a lightbulb went off, and I rushed to my computer. Why hadn’t I thought of it before? JavaPresse has one of the best coffee subscriptions, and I had been sleeping on it this whole time.

Using the JavaPresse website, I signed up and started getting beans delivered straight to my house. To get the most of our premium beans, I also went ahead and purchased some of our brewing equipment. If you’re stuck at home looking for a better way to get your coffee, seriously, head to JavaPresse.


What Our Subscription Has to Offer

JavaPresse has coffees for all tastes. Whether you’re more of a light roast person or you prefer the boldness of a dark roast, there’s something for you. Here are the four beans available right now:

Extra Mile – This is our light roast bean. While you might not expect as much from a lighter roast, our Extra Mile bean comes packed full of fruity citrus and tropical flavors. These are naturally occurring in the bean and can be appreciated in their raw, unadulterated form.

Happy Place – My personal favorite, the medium roast Happy Place is a good balance between the caramel notes you get from a darker roast and the fruity, floral overtones of a light roast. If you’re looking for something you can drink black or with milk, this is the coffee for you.

Power Hour – Featuring the boldness you expect from a dark roast coffee, Power Hour is a premium bean that’s never burnt or charred. You can drink this dark roast pleasurably, taking in its rich chocolate and caramel flavor.

Smarter Together – Our current Brewer’s Choice coffee, these organic beans come sourced from a Fair-Trade grower in El Salvador. By working with our partners on the ground, we’ve been able to bring this premium product to our subscribers while they sit at home, waiting out the virus.


Go Ahead and Sign Up

If you’re like me, you’ll need a good supply of beans to keep you going through these trying times. Luckily JavaPresse knows that some of us like to jitter our way through the day, so we offer monthly and bi-weekly subscriptions. Signing up is easy—just pick your favorite coffee, choose how frequently you want to receive beans, and check out.

If I hadn’t thought of joining the best coffee subscription out there, I honestly don’t know what I’d be doing now. JavaPresse’s coffee subscription has helped me get through the COVID-19 pandemic, and for that, I am grateful.