Finding the Joy in Those Little Everyday Moments

Isn't it amazing how coffee has changed so much over the past couple of decades? What was once little more than a pick-me-up in the morning or a digestive aid after dinner has slowly evolved into its own little subculture. Thanks to the acknowledgment and assimilation of more worldly brewing techniques, Americans now no longer live off simple automatic coffee makers, industrially ground beans, or the horror that is instant coffee.

How did we get here, though? Was it just a natural evolution, or did something change? We believe it has something to do with a cultural shift. Maybe you have noticed it, too. Just lately, it seems like the world is more aware of our constant non-stop drive to reach the top of some corporate ladder. People are more aware that their lives are spent working for something in the future that may not ever come. Instead of grinding endlessly, people are starting to take the time to enjoy the little things in life. More than ever before, it's important to take a moment and find the beauty in our daily rituals. Coffee is just that.

When you remember to enjoy what you are doing, you become more dedicated to making the best possible cup of coffee. You look for the best beans, the best brewing equipment, and the best ways to stay focused and grounded as you take that first sip. At JavaPresse, we are here to help you find happiness through coffee. Through our monthly coffee subscription, we have helped thousands of people reach their happiness, embrace those quiet spaces, and start living intentionally.


Where Our Monthly Coffee Subscription Begins

Before you ever receive a bag of 100% organically grown coffee beans through our monthly coffee subscription, those beans are first sourced ethically and responsibly with our farmers in mind. We work together with producers around the globe to find the most premium beans, which we then send out each month. But to us, our farmers and producers are more than just a crucial step in the supply chain; they're a part of our family.

Since 2015, JavaPresse has worked hard to support local growers in Mexico, Colombia, and Guatemala as they build their businesses and a better way of life. When you take a sip of coffee, know that you, too, are helping to support Colombian farmers escape the coca trade. As you take a breath to smell the beans, know that you have given a farmer who would otherwise have to sell his crop to "coyotes" a new breath of life. With every turn of your coffee grinder, you can help female coffee growers overcome unfair market practices and gender discrimination.

Your support allows us to support something bigger than ourselves. We know that without our subscribers, we wouldn't be able to pass our success on to our growers. So, thank you for that.


Where a JavaPresse Monthly Coffee Subscription Will Take You

Whether you prefer a light, medium, or dark roast, we have something for you. With four different styles, you have the choice of whatever coffee you need to stay focused throughout the day.

  • Extra Mile – The coffee that got us started, Extra Mile is a lightly roasted bean that packs a punch of tropical and citrus flavors. It might be light, but it does not lack in taste.
  • Happy Place – Named for where this coffee will take you, Happy Place is a medium roast guaranteed to set your mind at ease. Packed with full-bodied flavors of nut and chocolate, the Happy Place is perfect for bold personalities looking for a bold coffee.
  • Power Hour – With a darker roast, you can power through even the hardest of days. When you are not sure if you are going to make it, Power Hour is exactly the cup of coffee you need. With sweet, chocolatey, caramel richness, this dark roasted bean can transform any tiresome afternoon into a vivacious party of flavor.
  • Smarter Together – Life is easier when we join hands and work together. Why not see what makes this bean our brewer's choice coffee? Sourced from our friends in El Salvador, Smarter Together is a complex coffee that is sure to be exactly what you need first thing in the morning.

All of our beans are roasted to maintain the highest quality and are a unique representation of their home farms and nations. We never over roast our beans, keeping your cup of coffee as healthy and antioxidant-rich as can be.

When you sign up for a subscription with JavaPresse, you get more than just a chance to help our local suppliers by purchasing their premium quality beans. With your first month's shipment, we'll also throw in a 20% discount!

If you're like us and drink coffee throughout the day, you might not be satisfied with just a bag a month. If so, not to worry. Our monthly coffee subscription can easily become a bi-weekly coffee subscription. When you go to sign up, just hit the button that says, "Every 2 Weeks", and we'll make sure you're never hurting for a quiet moment spent grinding and brewing a calming cup of coffee.

At checkout, pick whichever coffee speaks to you the most and be prepared to receive it right on your front doorstep. We guarantee the freshest quality by never shipping beans that have sat waiting in some holding facility. Unlike big industrial brands, we wait until the last minute to roast our beans and ship them out within just two hours so you never lose that rich, fresh flavor.


Make the Most of Your Monthly Coffee Subscription

With coffee beans in hand, you'll want to consider how you're going to brew them. We recommend checking out some of the awesome products we offer to help you make the best possible cup of coffee.

  • Manual Grinder – To get the fullest flavor from our Fair and Direct Trade beans, you'll want to grind them right before brewing. When you grind beans, they slowly begin to seep flavor. That's why industrially processed coffee grinds often end up tasting more like mud than a rich and bold brew. Using our manual burr grinder, you can grind in style and peace. It’s quiet inner workings allow you to become one with the bean as it grinds. You feel centered as our beans slowly become your passage to tranquility.


  • Pour Over Coffee Dripper – Unless you like the taste of paper, ditch the paper filters. By upgrading to our double-layer fine mesh coffee dripper, you maximize the amount of flavor extracted from our beans. Simply load it up with freshly ground coffee, gently pour over some water, and sit back and relax as your coffee drips through the just minutes


Why Coffee Matters

Coffee is no longer just a drink. It's a way of life for our farmers, our subscribers, and our brand. We believe that, through coffee, we can all achieve a more centered and more balanced life. Coffee is just a tool to find the time to sit back, relax, and remember the joy in those little everyday moments. Let us take you there with our monthly (or bi-weekly) coffee subscription.