Coffee of the Month Club - The Gift that Keeps on Giving

If you are anything like us, you try your best to find gifts that are personalized to your loved ones. There’s just something so heartwarming about opening a present that speaks to you as a person. It shows that your loved ones know you and care for you and that they spent the time to come up with something you would enjoy. It’s not always easy to find the perfect present, though. Sometimes it seems like our loved ones already have everything they could ever want. When this happens, it’s time to start thinking outside the box.

A good place to start is by examining their interests. What do your loved ones use every day? What is something they can’t go without? If you are thinking what we’re thinking, it’s coffee! The coffee lovers in your life probably already drink it every morning, so why wouldn’t they appreciate the gift of a good cup of joe? But don’t stop at a single cup! Give them the gift of a monthly subscription to our premium organic coffee, and your loved ones will never be without their favorite pick-me-up. If you’re not convinced, here’s why they’ll love it.


We Have Coffee for Everyone

They say the type of coffee you drink says a lot about your personality.

  • Light roast people enjoy the subtle things in life and can soak up the quiet moments. They’re reflective and never foolhardy or impulsive. As you would drink a light roast coffee, they tend to like things as they are and don’t need much flash or pizzazz.
  • Drinkers who prefer a medium roast tend to be more compromising. They look for balance and avoid confrontation. Just as a medium roast offers the perfect blend of caramel tones and floral notes, drinkers who go for this style also like to blend perspectives. They’re never happier than when they can learn new things and assimilate new ideas.
  • As for a dark roast person, these are your bold and adventurous types. They like memorable and powerful experiences. Dark roast drinkers grab life by the reins and run with it. Their emotions generally run just like they take their coffee—strong. Sometimes you may feel that they need some tempering, but you’re always able to find the sweetness in them.

No matter what type of person your loved one is, we have a brew for them. When you sign them up for our coffee of the month club, they will receive a bag of beans freshly roasted to their ideal level. Our beans are never pre-roasted, so you know that the flavor your loved one gets will come from beans at their best. Check out our flavor profiles and pick what you think would best suit your loved one’s taste.

  • Extra Mile – This is our premium light roast coffee. Light roasts have come a long way in recent years, and we couldn’t be prouder of the bean we have here. Ideal for anyone who enjoys fruity overtones in their coffee, Extra Mile is packed full of taste. Expect earthy spice tones such as cinnamon and hints of stone fruits.
  • Happy Place – Roasted just past 400-degrees Fahrenheit, our quality medium roast bean is an experience to behold. At this point, you can start to expect some of those rich caramel notes to come through without sacrificing the beans’ original flavors. Look for notes of milk chocolate and tropical fruits such as papaya and guava.
  • Power Hour – With our dark roast coffee, we make sure never to burn our beans. We get them to about 450-degrees Fahrenheit to pull out those deeper, more complex flavors that often hide within the bean. You’ll never find that tinge of char that so many lower-quality dark roasts have with Power Hour. Instead, you’ll taste sweet caramels and dark chocolate, akin to s'mores in a mug.


Our Beans Are Never Mass Produced

You might be wondering how we can manage to get so much flavor into such a simple drink? For a lot of people, coffee isn’t even that pleasant. Here we are talking about chocolate smores and tropical fruits, though. The trick is to find the best beans possible, and it all starts at our source.

We work with some of the best growers in the world to secure the finest crops of coffee beans possible. And the best part is, we never go for quantity over quality. We know that to make the most impact, we have to start local and stay local. Yes, this guarantees quality in your morning mug, but it also translates into a more ethical business.

You see, here at JavaPresse, we understand that an ethical model is the only sustainable model. We work with farmers in Colombia to help them escape the drug trade as well as all-female collectives in Guatemala dedicated to helping women find their voices in the business. The farmers we work with are more than just a part of the industry; they’re a part of our family.

Our beans are always organically grown per Free Trade and Direct Trade standards, meaning that they are produced without forced labor or child labor. And most importantly, we pay a fair price. Unlike big-name conglomerates that base their rates on an exploitative market, we buy our beans based on the amount of labor that goes into them.

By gifting a subscription to our coffee of the month club, you’re gifting more than just some coffee beans; you’re giving the chance to help another human being. Your support for us means support for every step in our supply chain, including the fantastic farmers and growers we work with every day.


Where to Get Started

If you are worried about how to sign up, know that getting started with a JavaPresse coffee of the month club subscription couldn’t be any easier. Just find the “Coffee Club” link at the top of the page and follow that link to the bottom. You will find the three coffees we mentioned above as well as our premium brewers’ choice from El Salvador. Now here’s the hard part—think real hard about what your loved one would like best, and then give it a click.

With that difficult choice out the way, you’ll be guided down to the next part of the subscription page. You’ll notice that with your subscription, you get an extra 20% off your first month, making this one of the most reasonably priced coffee of the month clubs out there. Keep scrolling down and double-check that you’ve picked the right coffee.

When everything is good to go, you’ll then have the option of a “Once a Month” or “Every Two Weeks” subscription. If you’re signing up for someone who drinks coffee throughout the day, we recommend the bi-weekly option, but if they’re more of a cup-in-the-morning type, a monthly delivery should do just fine.

And that’s it! After checking out, we recommend taking a look at some of our other products. We offer grinding and brewing supplies that will help your loved one get the best possible cup of coffee. No matter who they are, if they love coffee, you can’t go wrong by giving them a coffee of the month subscription!