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December’s Coffee

Pristine Harvest

Harvested from one of the world’s most ancient and wild landscapes, Pristine Harvest is a testament to the richness of life spent in connection with nature. You can taste the ruggedness of this organic coffee, harvested from natural coffee ‘gardens’ and grown without agrochemicals or big machines.

Regions: Papua New Guinea

Tasting Notes: Milk Chocolate, Almond, Rustic

Recent Coffee

Silver Lining

To tell the story of Juan Diego, also known as the Silver fox, comes Silver Lining. Ten years in the making, Diego’s Farm Finca El Socorro in Guatemala has been recognized with amazing awards and is knowns as one of the best coffee farms, not only in Guatemala but in Central America.

Farmer: Finca El Socorro Maracaturra

Tasting Notes: Tropical Fruit, Caramel, Sweet Honey

Recent Coffee

Crimson Trail

Inspired by Columbia’s lush rainforests, Crimson Trail represents unchartered territories that await your undertaking. In the far-off remote lands and paths that have never been stepped on, your dreams and passions live beneath the surface. With Crimson Trail, nothing is unreachable.

Farmer: Jorge Mario Correa

Tasting Notes: Strawberry, Floral, Sweet Pepper

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