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The Stay Grounded podcast

Hosted by Raj Jana

Raj Jana is the Chief Brewing Officer at JavaPresse Coffee Co. and passionate host of the Stay Grounded Podcast

The Stay Grounded Podcast brings on people from all walks of life to discuss happiness, success, fulfillment, and ways to infuse it all harmoniously into daily life.

Your host, Raj Jana, dissects and turns different routines, mindsets, and personal experiences into powerful insights that empower listeners to stay grounded through day-to-day life and make daily happiness/fulfillment a reality for themselves.

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EP 33: Julian Colker - Do Less, Be More

I first met today’s guest in New York at an entrepreneurial event we both attended.

There was something about Julian! He had a vibe that made me feel good and made me want to be around him. And I wasn’t alone. I noticed how others had the same experience. When I asked Julian what was going on, he said it was because we had connected to his ‘inner god’ and that he was actively looking for the god in each person he encountered.


EP 32: John Israel
1825 Thank You Cards

As the owner of a gifting company, today’s guest felt his was living out of alignment. Gifting involves expressing your love and appreciation to the people you care about, yet John didn’t feel this value featured highly enough in his life.

Something had to change - so John committed to send FIVE handwritten thank you cards every day for one year. The Mr Thank You Project was born.

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EP 31: Sheevaun Moran
Find Your Flow

When today’s guest lost the love of her life in a tragic accident, her whole life plan was stripped from the table.

But part of the human condition is the ability to transform tragedy and heartache into something beautiful. It’s how her husband’s death became one of the pivotal points that enabled Sheevan to become - in my words - “the Queen of Flow”.

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EP 30: Jon Berghoff
Intentional. Mindful. Successful.

If you’re up for a deep, intellectual conversation that gets you thinking, then you’re in for a real treat with this episode.

That’s because I’m speaking with the incredible Jon Berghoff. Raised in the birthplace of Apple, Jon is a father of three and the co-founder and president of the Flourishing Leadership Institute.

Jon is one of the most curious people I’ve ever met. His super smart, analytical brain is dialed into the benefit of human systems. His mind is always on because he’s constantly looking to be better. I learned so much from this episode and I’m sure you will too.

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EP 29: Mitch Russo
The Day God Called

Today’s guest has worked with powerhouses such as Chet Holmes and Tony Robbins before setting up his own venture that empowers people through accountability.

But life wasn’t always so successful. As a troubled teen, Mitch danced with death - at one point being just 15 seconds away from an early exit.

Fortunately, a wake up call kicked him out of the downward spiral and put him on a path where success was the only option. Since that point, Mitch has committed his life to helping others while creating a beautiful, productive life for himself.

And he spills all the beans in this incredible episode.

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EP 28: Jon Vroman
The Art of Moment Making

Ever felt as though you’re missing out on life as it happens?

It’s a common concern. When you’re juggling a ton of responsibilities (and a to-do list that never ends) your head and body aren’t in the same place! And when you’re chasing the future and rushing over the here and now, you end up missing out on a lot.

It’s why I was so excited to chat with Jon in this episode.

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EP 27: 75 and Sunny
Michael ONeal

In this episode, I get to have a deep dive conversation with someone who knows a thing or two about podcasting! It’s Michael O’Neal, host of the Soulpreneur podcast which has racked up a staggering 681 shows.

Mike is an outstanding podcaster and he shared a few insider secrets with me in this show - so if you’re a podcaster too, you’re going to love this one.

But I didn’t ask Mike on to talk about his skills! While we do discuss the power of storytelling and interviewing, I wanted to dig into the inspirational story that’s taken him to where he is today.

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