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The Stay Grounded podcast

Hosted by Raj Jana

Raj Jana is the Chief Brewing Officer at JavaPresse Coffee Co. and passionate host of the Stay Grounded Podcast

The Stay Grounded Podcast brings on people from all walks of life to discuss happiness, success, fulfillment, and ways to infuse it all harmoniously into daily life.

Your host, Raj Jana, dissects and turns different routines, mindsets, and personal experiences into powerful insights that empower listeners to stay grounded through day-to-day life and make daily happiness/fulfillment a reality for themselves.

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EP 47: Danette May -Embracing Your Rise To Live Your Truth

I didn’t know who Danette was when I took the empty spot next to her at dinner.

It was at a mastermind. I’d set myself the intention of connecting with some incredible humans and somehow I felt drawn to that empty seat. As we started chatting, I didn’t feel like I was having a conversation for the first time. I felt as though I already knew Danette.

It was beautiful, I was inspired, and I absolutely had to have Danette share her story right here - on the Stay Grounded podcast.


EP 46: Ken Blackman
The Power of Meaningful Relationships

In this episode, I get to speak with the incredible Ken Blackman - a sex and relationship expert who focuses on sex, intimacy, and connection.

I believe your life is a product of your relationships - whether that’s with your friends, parents, your partner, your kids, or your work colleagues. In my own life I’ve found that the better your relationships, the better your life becomes so I couldn’t wait to get an expert perspective on something we all struggle with to some degree.

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EP 45: Frank Mocerino
Transforming poor health into an impactful, fulfilling life

Frank started college just like any other student. He was outgoing, social, and identified himself as an athlete.

But that all changed in his second semester when he got diagnosed with ulcerative colitis. Used to peak fitness and endless physical energy, Frank started to experience intense stomach pains and blood in his stools - on a daily basis. Sport became painful and Frank’s social life dried up because he never wanted to be far from a toilet.

After 18 months of declining health, Frank put his trust in the doctors and agreed to have his colon removed. This involved major surgery and a length recovery process. Frank felt better for a few months, then the pain started all over again.

In this episode, Frank tells his story of finding positivity amongst this chaos.

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EP 44: Peter Shallard
The Insane Value of The Entrepreneurial Journey

In this episode I dive deep into the rabbit hole with psychotherapist and the ‘Shrink for Entrepreneurs’ - Peter Shallard.

Peter started his business journey in his homeland of New Zealand with a brick and mortar psychotherapy clinic. After a local business owner became a client, Peter was inspired to explore entrepreneurialism to build his own practice. This kick-started a love affair with business and how business can be used as a tool for accelerated human growth and development.

Fast-forward a decade, and Peter now works with entrepreneurs to help them achieve wealth, freedom, and sanity (the ultimate hat trick for entrepreneurs) so they’re in a position to figure out ‘what next’ - because that’s the place where life gets most fulfilling.

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EP 43: Jenn Edden
Quit sugar, love your life.

Jenn Edden has been helping people quit their sugar addiction for over 14 years. As you’ll hear in this episode, this is Jenn’s calling and she’s hugely passionate about the work she does.

Jenn captivated me because you don’t often hear sugar and addiction in the same sentence. But when you learn that sugar lights up the same part of the brain as cocaine, you realize how serious this addiction can be. I guess that’s what’s most scary. How many times were you given a lollipop when you were hurt or sick as a child?

Jenn is the real deal. Raised in an addictive family, Jenn admits she’s seen a lot. It’s one of the things that makes her such an authority on this subject. She knows her stuff and she’s going to get you to view sugar in a whole new way.

Especially if you have kids...

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EP 42: Majeed Mogharreban
How to infuse your life with passion and purpose

This episode’s guest is a rockstar!

Majeed started his entrepreneurial journey when he was just 16. By the time he was 21, he’d bought and sold FIVE companies and used entrepreneurship to fund his passion for travel.

Majeed is now in his early 30s and he’s married with two young children, but his mantra for life hasn’t changed. “I live to travel” and that’s what he does! He now travels the world helping experts get their stories onto stages so they can serve more people with their message through public speaking.

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EP 41: Adamaris Mendoza
How to accept the now and transform your life

This episode’s guest didn’t think she’d make it to her 40s.

Raised by immigrant parents, Adamaris was brought up with the belief that you have to work hard for everything. She was taught that no one was going to give her anything - she had to do it all herself.

So that’s what she did.

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