EP 44: Peter Shallard -The Insane Value of The Entrepreneurial Journey

Written by: Raj Jana

EP 44: <!--break-->Peter Shallard -<!--break-->The Insane Value of The Entrepreneurial Journey  </span>

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EP. 044 | “Betting on yourself is probably one of the most accelerated tracks of genuine personal development that you’ll ever go down.”

In this episode I dive deep into the rabbit hole with psychotherapist and the ‘Shrink for Entrepreneurs’ - Peter Shallard.

Peter started his business journey in his homeland of New Zealand with a brick and mortar psychotherapy clinic. After a local business owner became a client, Peter was inspired to explore entrepreneurialism to build his own practice. This kick-started a love affair with business and how business can be used as a tool for accelerated human growth and development.

Fast-forward a decade, and Peter now works with entrepreneurs to help them achieve wealth, freedom, and sanity (the ultimate hat trick for entrepreneurs) so they’re in a position to figure out ‘what next’ - because that’s the place where life gets most fulfilling.

This episode is incredible. Peter is obsessed with understanding what makes people tick and why they’re compelled to do the things they do. Peter’s depth of insight is profound and it’s remarkable to hear him articulate the different dimensions of the psyche. It’s an episode I just know you’re going to take a ton away from.

Freedom is a great value to get you moving but ultimately what you end up building requires a shouldering of some responsibility.

Peter believes that now is the best time to be alive. Thanks to technology we have the ability to do so much. It’s one of the reasons that entrepreneurialism is such an attractive path to take through life.

Business helps you figure out your purpose and is a vehicle to uncover meaning. It drives personal development and growth too thanks to all the paradoxes you move through. So listen in…

You’ll hear an incredible conversation about suffering, pain, chaos, and struggle, and why we need these in our lives. You’ll learn how true freedom can only come from the shouldering of responsibility and you’ll hear why the service of others is the most powerful route to fulfillment.

Whether you’re a business owner.or not, I promise you will not view your work through the same lens after you’ve listened to this episode. It’s informative, inspiring, but above all transformative.

Or listen on Itunes, Sticher, Youtube, Spotify.
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Some Questions I Ask:

  • What was it about the field of business psychology that attracted you in the first place? [5:47]
  • What was the shift that made you want to learn about sales, marketing, and copywriting? [12:25]
  • How did you train/brainwash your subconscious to ensure it was on your side as you made this shift? [15:58]
  • What are the similarities between people who are going through really dark stuff and people who have an eternal optimism about them? [20:15]
  • How do you recognize the fear patterns in your own life so you can bring them to the surface and solve them? [24:10]
  • What’s the value of uncovering those demons by putting yourself through so much struggle - what makes the journey worth it? [26:10]
  • How do you view responsibility? [28:40]
  • How does the pursuit of purpose in the shouldering of responsibility fuel some people? [31:50]
  • How do you train yourself to notice when the right opportunities show up in life? [34:56]
  • How do you change your relationship with hardship? [39:35]
  • In the midst of everything, how do you stay grounded? [47:53]

In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • How a business owner client turned things around for Peter. [9:00]
  • How Peter used his psychotherapy background to become a more effective and impactful sales person. [17:40]
  • Why Peter recommends that entrepreneurs should get a job. [19:00]
  • The challenges we all have in common - regardless of who we are. [21:00]
  • Why taking on the challenge to create something from nothing is one of the most valuable things you can do for your own personal journey. [25:01]
  • The number one reason why people stop businesses in the western world. [27:30]
  • Why our current circumstances have put us on a search for meaning. [32:35]
  • Why an obsession with avoiding pain and seeking freedom and what feels good can stifle your personal and business growth. [37:40]
  • Why Peter credits his parents with his success. [44:23]