EP 10: Lauren Raja - Pajamas Changed My Life

Written by: Raj Jana

EP 10: <!--break-->Lauren Raja -<!--break--> Pajamas Changed My Life

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EP. 010 | On October 10, 2014 Lauren Raja’s life was turned upside down. After watching her husband, Justin die in a boating accident, Lauren became a widow. She was just 32.

Crippled by grief, Lauren spent hours staring at the wall - not knowing how to live, until memories of ‘Mamma Jean’ gave her the strength to get back on her feet.

Lauren realized she had to learn to channel her anger and grief in a better way - so she created Justin Jean Pajamas. Named after two people that she loved and lost, Lauren’s story is proof that hope can come from tragedy and that loss can become a catalyst to inspire others.

It took me being at my lowest point to really figure out what I wanted out of life.

Thanks to her pajamas, Lauren was inspired to never give up. More than sleepwear, Lauren’s pajamas are a legacy to Justin and Mamma Jean. The logo was crafted from their signatures. Polka dot pajamas were chosen because Justin loved spotty socks and Jean was a seamstress.

The three playful ruffles in each design represent Lauren’s values of authenticity, integrity, and passion while the branded hearts inspire her customers to live their dream.

Fuelled by the depth of love she gave and received from Justin and Jean, Lauren is proof that you can #RockTheRuffles, even after the most painful loss.

I’m certain Lauren’s story will inspire you to ‘make today count’ as it did for me.

Or listen on Itunes, Sticher, Youtube, Spotify.
Its amazing the response you get when you put your whole heart into something and show people that you love what you do.

Some Questions I Ask:

  • After your loss, how did you use a routine to help you get back on your feet? (4:32)
  •  What role does coffee play in your life and how does it help you accomplish things? (9:08)
  •  You talk about the power of example, what advice would you give to others to help them find their role model? (15:35)
  •  How do you hold yourself accountable and keep yourself on track everyday? (19:07)
  •  What role does gratitude play in your life? (21:19)
  •  How did you develop your mindset for success? (26:44)
  •  How do you stay grounded? (34:22)
  •  What do you do everyday to help you stay happy? (37:31)

In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  •  The incredible story of Mamma Jean and how she helped Lauren get back on her feet. (5:13)
  •  What Lauren thinks about coffee and how it connects to her business. (9:33)
  •  The number 1 thing you need to do to move forward after a tragedy. (15:53)
  •  The mistake most people make about taking chances. (17:27)
  •  The importance of surrounding yourself with good people. (20:00)
  •  How loss turned up the gratitude in Lauren’s life. (21:40)
  •  The three people Lauren started her business to honor. (30:44)
  •  Lauren’s incredible plans for the future. (35:06)
  • Plus much more…