EP 37: Desiree and Alonto Mangandog - How to move through emotions with essential oils

Written by: Raj Jana

EP 37: <!--break-->Desiree and Alonto Mangandog -<!--break--> How to move through emotions with essential oils </span>

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EP. 037 | “We have a philosophy that all emotions are good. It’s about being able to move through those emotions that’s the key - so you can move from the negative to the positive.”

This episode is a little bit special because I don’t have one guest, I have two!

It’s power couple Desiree and Alonto Mangandog and they’re both passionate about using essential oils, aromatherapy, and acupuncture to help people process and move through their emotions.

This episode blew my mind! When we live in our heads and we’re challenged by what Alonto referred to as ‘infobesity’, we can lose sense of the power our senses have to shake up our emotions.

Desiree explains how 95% of everything that goes on happens in our subconscious - it’s no wonder it can be so hard to know ourselves - so we can grow and evolve into our potential.

But as you’ll see in this episode, essential oils are a powerful tool that can unlock the door to heightened emotional awareness and maturity. That’s because the right oils used in the right situation can soften us, shift the flow of energy, and help us make sense of the way that we feel.

Aromatherapy helped me clear out the noise so I can listen to myself and follow my truth.

This episode is fascinating - and profound.

Make healing yourself a priority, and you inadvertently heal everyone around you. Maybe the most powerful things we can do as individuals is to open ourselves up so we can show up in the world from a place of abundance - instead of scarcity.

That’s what essential oils can help you do.

So if you struggle to manage and process your emotions. If you’re stuck in stories that disempower you. If you’re tied up in emotions connected to events that happened years - even decades ago - you’ll get a lot from this conversation.

Oh and we talk about coffee too :)

Coffee is a plant after all and as you’ll see it has some powerful properties that can unlock joy and influence who comes into our lives.

I had no ideas how powerful essential oils could be until I heard Desiree and Alonto share their experiences and knowledge. Now I want to know more and more and I think you’ll feel the same. So brew yourself a cup of coffee and tune in. Give me an hour and I’ll give you a whole new perspective on emotional well-being.

Or listen on Itunes, Sticher, Youtube, Spotify.
The negative gives you the positive. You cant have light if you dont know darkness.

Some Questions I Ask:

  • How did you guys meet? [1:04]
  • How did you get into aromatherapy, essential oils, acupuncture, and emotional healing? [1:54]
  • How can our emotional state be influenced by our senses? [6:31]
  • How do you use aromatherapy to treat pain? [14:18]
  • When using aromatherapy to heal, how much of the transition is due to the oil itself or your own reaction to the oil? [18:20]
  • Give me a story about how aromatherapy and sensory awareness has helped you in your own life. [24:46]
  • What’s the difference between noise and a negative emotion? [29:16]
  • How have your emotions evolved over time as you’ve learned more about them? [33:15]
  • How does emotional maturity tie back to happiness and fulfillment and how does this change over time? [38:52]
  • In the midst of everything you’ve gone through, how do you stay grounded on a daily basis? [51:17]

In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • The power of journaling to build your awareness and what to write about. [10:17]
  • The three main ways that habits are developed. [11:10]
  • How smell is able to create a vivid emotion and recall vivid memories. [12:30]
  • How essential oils or plants pair with emotions to help transform how you feel. [15:24]
  • Stranded on a desert island? Desiree would want this oil with her. [16:42]
  • How bergamont brings about a shift in perspective to help boost your sense of hope (and why you can’t just take out emotions without replacing them with something else). [17:28]
  • The aromatic benefits of coffee and its associated organs. [21:14]
  • How taste affects our emotions. [23:14]
  • ‘Infobesity’ - and how oils can help you find the music and rhythm amongst the noise that you’re supposed to dance to. [28:23]
  • Why all emotions are beautiful and how to gracefully move through emotions. [31:19]
  • The importance of discernment and knowing when to say yes and no. [32:01]
  • Why none of us are inherently lacking - instead, it’s just the stories we tell ourselves. [41:19]
  • Why the subconscious mind makes it so hard for us to change. [43:20]