EP 18: Austin Felton - Two Men On A Mission

Written by: Raj Jana

EP 18: <!--break-->Austin Felton -<!--break--> Two Men On A Mission

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EP. 018 | “Life isn’t about finding yourself. It’s about eliminating the things that you are not.”

This podcast is like none I’ve done before.

Not only was this episode recorded live and in-person with this week’s guest, but it was a tandem job! As I’m sharing this episode with you, so is Austin sharing this exact same episode on his podcast.

Austin is the CEO and founder of Entrecloud - a forward-thinking WordPress hosting company that helps amplify entrepreneur’s voices online. Austin is also a deep-thinker, a philosopher and an action-taker. Since I first met him he’s achieved so much and keeps raising the bar higher.

So when I saw him in San Diego earlier this month at a mastermind meetup, I couldn’t wait to pull out the mic, hit record, and get stuck into a deep, thought-provoking conversation about life, happiness, fear, and everything in between.

"Happiness doesnt exist outside of you. Its not a place elsewhere or in the future. If you arent present or content in the moment, you will always be chasing the dragons that youll never reach."

If you want to create a happier life, you have to take responsibility for creating a happier life.

Happiness is a mindset and a choice. It’s an emotion that’s inherently human, and also one that you can cultivate and design - if you have strategies to do that.

In this week’s episode, Austin and I explore the philosophy of happiness, the importance of men being able to process their emotions, and the awesome power of fear and how you can use it to get what you want.

We also talk about cheat codes, taking massive action, and how your higher self is always drawing you closer to the live you want to live.

This conversation took place over a glass of wine in the beautiful Californian sun and the more we talked, the more the ideas and insights flowed.

Austin inspired me and I’m confident he’ll inspire you too. Discover what we have to say on some of life’s most important topics in this week’s podcast.

Or listen on Itunes, Sticher, Youtube, Spotify.
"You cant find something if you dont know what youre looking for Youve got to know what you want and then really clearly define what you want. Thats the first step to making it real."

Some topics we talk about:

  • My perspective on happiness and how it’s changed over time. (1:37)
  • How Austin believes you can cultivate feelings of happiness and how that’s a result of the alignment of three core aspects. (4:19)
  • Austin’s daily ritual that helps him create happiness. (6:06)
  • Why Raj believes visualization is a ‘cheat code’ and how he practices it to enhance his life. (9:58)
  • How you can get your Reticular Activating System working in your favor so you can see the pattern of your future self unfolding and attract the things you want to you. (11:47)
  • How we both use appreciation as a tool to get perspective and create a happier life. (15:40)
  • Where the aha moments that trigger change come from and how you can cultivate them at will to initiate change more easily. (19:53)
  • Austin’s inspiring story of significant transformation. (22:40)
  • Raj’s heartfelt and beautiful definition of what happiness is to him. (30:48)
  • Will Smith’s acronym for FEAR and how it can change your approach to life. (37:29)
  • Why Austin believes the notion of conquering fear doesn’t always help you. (38:27)
  • What Disney’s Inside Out movie can teach you about upping your emotional game. (41:32)
  • Why Raj loves journaling and how he uses it as a tool to release emotions and craft his life. (45:52)
  • What Austin believes it takes to be a conscious evolved man. (47:55)
  • A list of healthy outlets which people can use to better know themselves and experience happiness at a deeper level. (49:11)

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