EP 47: Danette May -Embracing Your Rise To Live Your Truth

Written by: Raj Jana

EP 47: <!--break-->Danette May -<!--break-->Embracing Your Rise To Live Your Truth  </span>

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EP. 047 | “Our only job as humans is to live in our truth.”

I didn’t know who Danete was when I took the empty spot next to her at dinner.

It was at a mastermind. I’d set myself the intention of connecting with some incredible humans and somehow I felt drawn to that empty seat. As we started chatting, I didn’t feel like I was having a conversation for the first time. I felt as though I already knew Danette.

It was beautiful, I was inspired, and I absolutely had to have Danette share her story right here - on the Stay Grounded podcast.

Now there’s a reason this is episode 47.

This number takes us right back to the rock bottom moment when Danette’s life transformed.

Rewind 5 years and Danette had just lost her son during childbirth, she was recently divorced, and had just $47 to her name.

This scenario would break most people, but somehow Danette found the courage to turn her ‘muck’ into opportunity and RISE into the phoenix of who she’s supposed to be in this lifetime.

You dont have to love all of it, but you get to love yourself through all of it.

In the following five years, Danette turned that $47 into an 8-figure business.

Today, Danette May is America’s leading health expert and founder of Mindful Health and The Rise movement.

She’s a world renowned motivational speaker, she’s written seven best-sellers, and she’s been all over mainstream media. She’s reached over 100 million people through her Facebook lives alone and has helped countless people transform their pain into something meaningful and beautiful.

I’m beyond excited to bring you Danette in this episode, so buckle up and get ready to go deep.

This isn’t a rags to riches episode in the financial sense. Instead, this episode is about honoring YOUR soul and its journey.

I ask Danette questions that take us down the rabbit hole to uncover tools, insights, and practices that will empower you to find the joy in it all - however painful life gets.

So get ready to listen to one of the most tapped in people I know.

Feel the vulnerability, awaken your soul, and hear a story that’s going to help you rediscover your own.

Or listen on Itunes, Sticher, Youtube, Spotify.
The pain is our gift.

Some Questions I Ask:

  • You’ve been through hell and back. How do you think vulnerability helped you cope and how does vulnerability play out in your life today. [7:31]
  • Tell me about the defining moment when you started to become radically honest and looked inward. [14:24]
  • Do you think your body had wisdom that you were ignoring for a while? [19:47]
  • How do you get comfortable trusting the wisdom in your body when it’s not telling you what you want to hear? [23:45]
  • How does forgiveness allow you to love yourself even when you can’t love the situation? [26:37]
  • If you could be a friend and go back to Danette at rock bottom, how would you support yourself? [30:05]
  • What are the different colors of happiness? [31:45]
  • Did you judge yourself when you started your journey? [35:10]
  • How do you write your own story? [41:43]
  • How did you use pain to develop your self awareness? [44:27]
  • Tell us about The Rise. [49:47]
  • How do you stay grounded? [53:00]

In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • How you can love every part of your life - even the parts of you that are impossible to love, accept, and forgive. [10:06]
  • The ‘gap’ and the symbolism of the lotus flower. [11:31]
  • How Danette turned her ‘washing machine’ of rock bottom into an opportunity. [18:33]
  • Vulnerability hangovers. [19:47]
  • Why your body has so much wisdom. [22:43]
  • Why Danette forgives every day. [28:47]
  • How gratitude connects with joy to create the biggest catalyst for a fully expressed life. [34:02]
  • “Follow the butterflies” and what this has to do with your relationship with fear? [38:07]
  • How Soul Writing changed Danette’s life and how it can transform yours. [45:16]