EP 42: Majeed Mogharreban -How to infuse your life with passion and purpose

Written by: Raj Jana

EP 42: <!--break-->Majeed Mogharreban -<!--break-->How to infuse your life with passion and purpose  </span>

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EP. 042 | “You have to take a leap of faith that you can in fact succeed at one thing.”

This episode’s guest is a rockstar!

Majeed started his entrepreneurial journey when he was just 16. By the time he was 21, he’d bought and sold FIVE companies and used entrepreneurship to fund his passion for travel.

Majeed is now in his early 30s and he’s married with two young children, but his mantra for life hasn’t changed. “I live to travel” and that’s what he does! He now travels the world helping experts get their stories onto stages so they can serve more people with their message through public speaking.

It’s one of the reasons Majeed has such incredible insight. Through his work he gets to help all kinds of people including Olympic athletes. This breadth of knowledge and experience shines bright throughout conversation.

One topic we talk about a LOT is passion. It’s so important if you want a life that’s fulfilling.

So come listen in and discover powerful ways to infuse more passion into your life - even when you feel you’ve lost it. Majeed shares some simple strategies that you can use to transform your day-to-day reality almost instantly.

Passion is really important to me, but its an incomplete strategy to say follow your passion and everything else is going to work out.

Watch out for the powerful strategy Majeed shares around the role of pain too.

Majeed explains how “taking action is a great way to take responsibility”. One place we can act is with our emotions. I loved the conversation we had about emotions being signals and how an understanding of what those signals are trying to communicate can transform how you experience the way you feel.

There’s so much gold in this episode it’s hard to sum it all up into a few words.

Spend just 45-minutes listening to this episode and you’ll take away some fresh ideas about all of life’s most important topics. Passion, legacy, pain, success, money, harmony, presence, self awareness, goals, family… we cover it all!

And you’ll be all the richer for investing your time with this incredible man.

Or listen on Itunes, Sticher, Youtube, Spotify.
Taking action is a great way to take responsibility.

Some Questions I Ask:

  • How did you get your start in entrepreneurship and why was this path so attractive for you? [4:20]
  • How do you think passion fits into the equation of life that you’re creating for yourself. [10:19]
  • How do you think struggle and passion go hand in hand? [12:29]
  • How do you create passion when there isn’t any? [16:17]
  • Did your parents attitude to life change when they saw you become successful in business? [23:40]
  • Have you ever achieved a goal that left you empty and if so, how did you invigorate your passion afterward? [25:50]
  • Was there a rock bottom moment that made you have clarity about what was important in your life? [30:51]
  • How do you keep up with your rituals and routines when you’re on the go so much? [37:24]
  • Do you think pain has a place in your life and if so, how do you normalize it so you don’t perceive pain as the world running against you? [40:43]
  • You are so self aware. What tips can you share to help others develop this skill? [44:27]
  • In the midst of everything you’ve been through, how do you stay grounded each day? [49:43]

In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • Why Majeed ‘lives to travel’. [3:30]
  • How a cherry-coconut snow cone changed Majeed’s life. [4:40]
  • The bigger thinking question Majeed asked himself when he wanted to break out of his grow-sell-travel model. [5:36]
  • The beliefs that shaped Majeed’s attitude to money. [8:20]
  • What one of Majeed’s mentors meant by the MAP to the Money spot. [10:41]
  • Why many of us end up running faster on a treadmill to nowhere. [14:12]
  • What happens when we try to do multiple things to keep the lights, pay the bills, and make the ends work. [15:35]
  • The importance of physiological strategies for transforming your mood - and the role of the gym. [32:53]
  • The journal Majeed recommends everyone tries. [39:05]