EP 7: Raj Jana - Breakfast with a Shark

Written by: Raj Jana

EP 7: <!--break-->Raj Jana -<!--break--> Breakfast with a Shark

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EP. 007 | “Anything worth doing is worth overdoing.” - Daymond John

Last month I had a close encounter with a Shark.

It wasn’t in the water and it wasn’t in a tank either. Instead, I was one of four lucky winners (out of thousands of entries) in a startup competition organized by Belay Solutions to get a 1-on-1 mentor session with Daymond John.

And my meeting was pretty epic!

I’m hugely grateful to Belay Solutions for organizing such an incredible prize - and of course to Daymond himself for his time and invaluable insights, which are going to catalyze my 2018 plans.

In this podcast, I share what it was like to visit Atlanta and be in the same room as Daymond - what I learned from him, and how he’s changed my trajectory for 2018.

I promise you’ll hear plenty of ideas to inspire your 2018 too.

So why not join me (with your favorite cup of Joe) and discover how a Shark could hold the answers you need to make this year incredible.

Stay focused on whats in front of you. Perfect every moment. Focus on laying every brick perfectly until you have the wall of your dreams.

In this episode I talk about:

  • How I felt meeting Daymond himself. (02:16)
  • How Daymond’s rags to riches story inspired me. (02:50)
  • Lessons from being starstruck and why I needed that experience. (03:25)
  • Why I promised to donate $500 to a cause I didn’t believe in. (4:00)
  • The one piece of advice Daymond gave me that will change my trajectory this year (and why this advice applies to you too). (05:57)
  • Where success comes from and the importance of waiting for the compound effect to kick in. (07:06)
  • Where my eyes will be focused in the months ahead. (08:38)