EP 14: Brad Hart - Change a Habit, Change Your Life

Written by: Raj Jana

EP 14: <!--break-->Brad Hart -<!--break--> Change a Habit, Change Your Life

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EP. 014 | "I love30-day challenges. In 12 months you can have 12 new habits that can transform your life. In 3 years you have 36 new habits and you’re a whole new person."

Brad Hart is an experienced entrepreneur, investor, trader, advisor, and mentor to people who want more from their life. We met at a mastermind and connected immediately.

Brad is a bundle of fired up energy and a force for good. His articles have been read over a million times and his charity works keeps changing lives for the better.

But Brad’s life wasn’t always this way…

After a freak accident left his dad unable to walk, Brad was forced to grow up fast. By the age of five he was expected to be self-sufficient and in his early teens he started living out of his car - to escape his drunk father and avoid the mom he resented.

This challenging childhood taught Brad that he didn’t belong and that people didn’t like him. It was the reason he became an accidental entrepreneur.

He longed to be rich and wealthy - and he succeeded. But financial success didn’t give him the happiness and fulfillment he craved.

I dont start fires. I throw gasoline on them.

Brad’s story is one of finding your way from rock bottom up and creating a life that not only fulfils you - but supports, inspires, and helps others too.

In this incredible podcast, Brad reveals his soul. He explains how he “started out really f*cked up and found a way that works for US.”

Brad is proof that life really can do a 180. That you can break free of your struggles. That you can escape old paradigms and patterns. That you can move beyond the most challenging of circumstances to create a life that leaves you fulfilled, driven, and inspired to ‘improve’ day after day after day. .

I was amazed listening to Brad’s story and I’m sure you will be to.

Or listen on Itunes, Sticher, Youtube, Spotify.
Its not about filling more hours, its about making sure you show up to the hours youre filling completely 100% present and focused.

Some Questions I Ask:

  •  What was the mental shift that allowed you to recover from rock bottom and allowed you to heal yourself emotionally. (18:20)
  •  You’ve had a lot of mentors. How do you cut the time between getting the help you need and figuring out who you need it from? (The answer to this blew me away). (21:48)
  •  How does gratitude and appreciation show up in your life? (25:30)
  •  Now that you know who you are, what are some of your daily non-negotiables that keep you lit and moving forward with your mission? (30:19)
  •  How would you recommend people get started with making positive changes in their life? (34:42)
  •  In the midst of everything, how do you stay grounded on a daily basis? (40:59)

In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  •  The defining moment that forced Brad to become homeless - and how his best friend prevented a murder. (10:05)
  •  The reason Brad was driven to become rich and wealthy and how this desire made him an ‘accidental entrepreneur’. (12:45)
  •  Why a Dear John letter was the trigger that dragged Brad to rock bottom - and how this transformed into the pivot that turned his life around. (16:30)
  •  The significant impact Tony Robbins has had on Brad’s life. (19:37)
  •  The insight Brad wish he’d discovered 10 years ago. (23:32)
  •  The entrepreneurial test Brad recommends you take. (24:41)
  •  Brad’s take on gratitude and how the contrast and vibration can enhance your life. (26:42)
  •  The four happy chemicals you should foster to feel and perform at your best everyday. (31:47)
  •  The collection of activities Brad leans on to kick-start his day - and why he makes this time sacred. (32:14)
  •  The reason habits are everything and why this belief is the catalyst to positive change. (35:26)
  •  The relevance of the pendulum swing from freedom to responsibility - and how to use it to empower you. (36:10)
  •  Why you should focus on 1% change. (37:06)
  •  The powerful reason Brad believes we should ‘collaborate towards winning’ and the threat to us all if we don’t. (40:09)
  • Plus much more…