EP 27: 75 and Sunny - Michael ONeal

Written by: Raj Jana

EP 27: <!--break-->75 and Sunny -<!--break--> Michael ONeal </span>

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EP. 027 | “When something feels like it’s holding you back, my default is to say YES to everything.”

In this episode, I get to have a deep dive conversation with someone who knows a thing or two about podcasting! It’s Michael O’Neal, host of the Soulpreneur podcast which has racked up a staggering 681 shows..

Mike is an outstanding podcaster and he shared a few insider secrets with me in this show - so if you’re a podcaster too, you’re going to love this one.

But I didn’t ask Mike on to talk about his skills! While we do discuss the power of storytelling and interviewing, I wanted to dig into the inspirational story that’s taken him to where he is today.

It started back in 2006 when Mike lost both his parents in less than 12 months.

Despite achieving a level of success, medical bills soon hemorrhaged his life meaning he was effectively starting from scratch.

And that’s when he went to Europe.

Success recognizes hustle.

Mike’s story is about creating your own luck - despite tragedy and troubles.

It’s about being 75 and sunny in all areas of his life.

And finding a way to build your life around the things you enjoy.

Mike is proof that you always have a choice - and that the choices you make in any given circumstances determine the experiences you have.

So if you feel as though life is against you right now, take a listen to Mike. You’ll discover how unexpected meetings, events, and situations when you’re down can transform your life in ways you couldn’t imagine.

Or listen on Itunes, Sticher, Youtube, Spotify.
For anyone thats in a situation now where it feels terrible and that life is against them there are numerous people that have had the exact same situation and ended up having the most amazing life.

Some Questions I Ask:

  • What inspired your trip to Europe? (2:28)
  • Was the message you received something you were actively looking for or did it come out of the blue? (11:49)
  • How do you keep yourself going? (16:44)
  • How long did it take for your strategy to deliver a break? (21:27)
  • How did you train your brain to be able to think at the next level? (23:39)
  • What is your daily routine like and what do you do to keep yourself motivated? (24:48)
  • How do you design your life around your hobbies? How does this work? (28:57)
  • What are the buckets of your life that you try to be ‘75 and sunny’ in? (31:59)
  • In what way did your relationship with money change when you came back from Europe? (37:09)
  • Watch stories and why they’re important to Mike. (38:53)
  • Tell us about your podcast and your show. (41:37)
  • In the midst of all your success, how do you stay grounded. (51:17)

In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • What caused Mike’s life to hemorrhage in the space of 12 months. (3:17)
  • The meeting with the white-haired guy who was photographed with 5 US presidents - and the life-changing conversation he had with Mike. (6:10)
  • What happened when Mike realized he hadn’t mourned for the death of his two parents - and the journey it led to. (8:05)
  • The $14 turning point. (9:50)
  • What Mike did to get lucky. (17:20)
  • What is starbatrage and barbatrage - and why this made Mike ride his bike to the nicest neighborhoods. (17:47)
  • The reason Mike figured out the answer to, “What are you doing here?” (20:18)
  • Mike’s typical day - and why it includes ‘transformative’ pushups. (26:07)
  • What happens during Mike’s daily entrepreneurial walk or run? (27:35)
  • The two glass of wine buzz! (29:48)
  • Mike’s three tenants of freedom. (30:20)
  • The mindset mantra Mike’s learnt from 681 shows about the most successful people - and why most others don’t do this. (33:31)
  • The longtail success of podcasting, the podcasting faux pas most podcasters make, and Mike’s RANT! (44:22)