Meet the Quietest Coffee Grinder There Is

Written by: Raj Jana

Meet the Quietest Coffee Grinder There Is

We’ve all been in this frustrating situation. You wake early in the morning for work, and carefully tiptoe down the stairs in the quiet hours of the new daylight. Still half asleep, you can’t wait for that first cup of tasty caffeine. You are ready to start your day, but everyone else in the house is still snoozing away. 

Careful not to step on any of those creaky parts of the floor, you slowly sneak into the kitchen and switch the water on to boil. You gently remove your favorite bag of coffee from its nook and make sure to mute the sound of closing cabinets.

But all the silence and tranquility is shattered when you turn on the coffee grinder. 

A shock of high pitched noise, rapidly moving gears and bolts, and the whole house has been alarmed awake. You think you might have even woken the neighbors. Uh oh. 

But which option do you choose? Tasty hot coffee in the morning, or not waking everyone in your home (and the neighborhood) with a ear curdling, burr grinding start?

Well what if we told you that you could do both? What if we could promise you quiet, freshly ground coffee without disturbing anyone else’s sweet dreams?

There are quiet grinders on the market, but what exactly do they all have in common?

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Read ahead to find out more.

What Makes a Quiet Coffee Grinder? 

Purchasing a grinder can be intimidating at first. There are so many different choices that it would make even the most experienced barista’s head spin. 

For the purchase of an excellent coffee grinder for home, we would highly recommend a grinder that has ceramic burrs, grinds at a consistent level (no big chunks or small flakes of coffee beans in the same batch!), and in this instance, is also quiet enough for the morning hours. 

But what elements are you looking for when searching for an efficient, quiet grinder? Here are our three criteria. 

  1. They are handheld and easily grippable. 
  2. You have the ability to choose the ‘speed’ of the grind. 
  3. There are no noisy high powered gears or motors. 

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A quiet grinder is handheld and more easily grippable. A handheld grinder means that the vibrations of the burrs working together and coming into contact with the beans is strongly absorbed by your hands. It also means that a grinder is not transferring the vibrations of the process against the hard table tops of your kitchen, further reducing the chance of too much unwanted noise. 

A quiet grinder gives you the ability to choose the ‘speed’ of the grind. A lot of the noise that comes from some grinders is the speed that the burrs work at to turn the coffee into grounds. Think if like putting your coffee into a wood chipper, it really does spit that coffee right back out, but it also makes a lot of high pitched noise! If you have a grinder that is easily controlled, you could soften the speed of your grind if it starts stirring anyone from their slumber. 

A quiet grinder has no noisy high powered gears or motors. This criteria really goes with the idea of speed! A grinder with motors and an engine inside is likely going to make a whole lot of noise. Switching it might convert that electricity into some ground coffee, but that rush of energy also creates an unpleasant noise that reverberates off every surface of your kitchen. 

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So what’s our professional conclusion of our criteria? The ideal quiet grinder is a hand grinder. 

  1. Your hands absorb the noise of the burrs as they churn.
  2. You can decide the speed of the grind while still achieving a consistent result
  3. You also save electricity and extend your quiet morning with a little bit of elbow grease! 

The Best Quiet Coffee Grinder is a Hand Grinder

Among the hand grinders on offer, and there's a lot to choose from, our top pick would be the Javapresse manual burr coffee grinder. 

Yes, it might be one of our own, but we’re not the only ones who think its a superb grinder that creates very little noise! In need of some proof? Our grinder was chosen as a top pick quiet grinder by Quiet Home Lab, the Design Home, and Bustle

Our number one rated grinder is fashioned with a professional grade conical burr to amplify the flavors of any exciting coffee beans you can get your hands on. It’s slim design makes it easy to grasp when grinding, and it’s stainless steel body makes it easy to handle (so no slipping out of your hand and crashing across the floor!).

It also has a convenient built-in adjustable grind selector with over 15 settings, ensuring you have 100% control over the fineness of your grinds. So you can easily switch your ceramic burrs between settings when you wish to change from espresso to pour over brews. 

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But how do you get your hands on this quiet grinder? Well it’s much more trouble-free than you might think, with a few tasty benefits thrown in. 

Here’s how to get your Quiet JavaPresse Grinder 

🙌 It happens that we are currently giving away the JavaPresse manual grinder for FREE when you try JavaPresse coffee! 

With the offer, you will get everything you need to begin your mornings off peaceful but alert. 

You have the option to choose your own signature trio bundle from a range of exciting origins and delicious flavors. All the coffee beans that we offer are organically farmed, sustainably sourced, and happen to be some of the best beans in the world. What’s not to like? 

There is no reason to sacrifice the calm and quiet hours of the early morning for a great cup of coffee.

And this grinder will keep you and every sleeping person in your home happy for as long as possible. The neighbors might even be delighted with the switch. 

So discover our quiet grinder and delicious coffee by clicking here now.