Why Every Coffee Lover Needs A French Press

Written by: Anne Mercer

Why Every Coffee Lover Needs A French Press

The french press is iconic. And for a good reason:

Although simple to use, the french press is a powerful and versatile brew method for rich decadent coffee.

This compact brew method dates back to the 1850s, with patents registered (ironically) in Italy in 1928. Today, the french press is found in movies, works of art, coffee shops, and homes across the world.

Wondering if the french press is right for you? By the end of our guide, there won’t be a doubt in your mind—you need a french press!

The Difference Between Pour Over & Immersion Brew Methods

Hold up!

Before you dive into the world of french press coffee, it’s important to understand the difference between pour over and immersion brew methods. Otherwise, you may approach brewing a french press with the wrong strategy!

Immersion Brew Methods

The french press is an immersion brew method.

To brew coffee with this process, immerse the coffee grounds in water.

Sounds simple, right? Wrong.

While it’s easy to execute, knowing when to stop the immersion process is the key to producing the full-bodied, intensely aromatic, and rich flavors the french press is known for. 

Other immersion brew methods include:

  • AeroPress
  • Clever Dripper
  • Cold Brew

Pour Over (Drip) Brew Methods

The pour over brew method involves pouring hot water over coffee grounds and relying on gravity to pull the liquid through a paper filter.

The result is a bright, flavorful coffee with a mild to crisp acidity, often with a light to medium body. Those who may not enjoy the intense flavors and heavier mouthfeel of french press coffee will appreciate the softer and vibrant tastes from a pour over coffee.

Why Does This Matter?

Knowing the function of a brew method, such as the french press, will help you fine-tune your brewing variables to produce the tastiest coffee possible. What works for one method may not work for another.

Later on, we’ll share a few helpful brewing tips so you can make french press coffee at home.

Here’s Why You Need a French Press in Your Home

A french press is a staple in every coffee drinker’s home. Trust us, you’ll want one after you read this!

It’s Perfect for Beginners

Are you starting to explore the wonderful world of specialty coffee? If so, start your journey with a french press.

This mighty little coffee brewer is ideal for understanding the basics of brewing including:

  • Grind size
  • Coffee-to-water ratio
  • Brew time
  • Water temperature

And, with different recipes and brewing hacks to discover, you’ll learn something new every time you brew coffee.

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The french press tends to also be a more forgiving brew method than a pour over or espresso shot, making it the ideal brew method for beginners.

Easy & Convenient Brewing

Coffee is a deceptively complex beverage.

On the surface, it may seem like coffee grounds + hot water = deliciousness!

In reality, coffee can be complicated. Between adjusting the grind size, experimenting with coffee-to-water ratios, and introducing all types of brewing gadgets, making your morning cup of coffee can turn into a science experiment right before your eyes.

It’s not hard to see why people gravitate toward convenient coffee brewers like pod machines. But we all know that pod machines do not brew great-tasting coffee.

When you want a simple brew method that makes outstanding coffee, you can’t beat the french press. It’s easy, convenient, and most of all, tastes out of this world.

Multiple Drinks, One Brew Method

Remember, a french press is a versatile brew method!

You’re not limited to hot coffee. There are a ton of other drinks you can whip up with your french press like:

  • Hot tea - Instead of coffee grounds, add your favorite loose leaf tea to the french press. Use the metal strainer to trap the leaves, pour, and enjoy!

  • Iced tea - As an immersion brewer, you can also use the french press to make sweet or floral iced teas. The longer you let the tea leaves sit, the stronger the flavor. But don’t let them sit for too long or else you’ll have bitter-tasting tea.

  • Cold brew - You don’t need to invest in a separate cold brew coffee maker. Your french press is already the perfect tool for making cold brew at home!

  • Frothed milk - Skip the fancy espresso machine and use your french press to whip up some expertly frothed milk for your latte or cappuccino.
  • It’s Super Affordable

    You don’t need to invest your life’s savings into fancy brewing equipment to drink great coffee at home.

    With a burr grinder and a french press at your disposal, you’re primed for extraordinary coffee every morning. 

    A typical french press costs around $30. And, you can get a FREE manual burr grinder right here!

    Save your money and drink delicious coffee at the same time by brewing with a french press!

    French Press Coffee Tastes Phenomenal

    French press coffee is known for its intense aromas, deep flavors, and rich mouthfeel. 

    The superfine micro-grounds slip through the mesh filter and aid in bolstering the coffee’s body or mouthfeel. And, since the french press does not use a paper filter, the natural and flavorful oils from the coffee grounds are imparted into the final drink, creating a sweet, rich coffee.

    No matter what coffee beans you choose, you’re bound to get a delightful coffee when you brew with a french press.

    4 Quick Tips for Brewing the Best French Coffee at Home

    Remember, there’s more to brewing delectable coffee than meets the eye. Keep our french press coffee tips in mind the next time you brew french press coffee at home.

  • Pay Attention to Grind Size. French press coffee requires a coarse grind size. If your grind size is too fine, your coffee will likely taste super bitter. Rely on a quality burr grinder to produce a consistent coarse grind size.

  • Experiment With Brew Recipes. No two coffees are the same. Therefore, each will warrant a special brew recipe. Play around with coffee-to-water ratios, brew times, and other variables to see what produces the best tasting french press coffee. You never know what you’ll discover. 

  • Keep Your French Press Clean. Always clean your french press thoroughly between uses. The oils from previous coffees will stick to the vessel, plunger, and filter, and interact with the next coffee you brew—potentially causing unwanted flavors. Follow our step-by-step guide to properly clean your french press.

  • Don’t Squeeze the Plunger. It’s tempting to want to squeeze every last delicious drop out of your french press coffee. But plunging too hard and squeezing the plunger into the grounds can ruin your coffee! The remaining flavors in the coffee grounds are flavorless and bitter (AKA, what you don’t want in your coffee.)
  • Great French Press Coffee Starts With Freshly-Roasted Specialty Coffee

    See? You need a french press. Between the rich flavors and the simple brewing process, it’s a great addition to every home.

    But, you can’t have delicious french press coffee without the right coffee beans!

    Our whole bean, specialty-grade coffee is expertly roasted just two hours before being shipped to your home, ensuring the freshest flavors for your french press coffee. 

    And, when you try JavaPresse coffee, we’ll send you our #1 rated manual burr grinder for free. A perfect match for your brand new french press!

    Get your coffee today!