Five Things Worth Subscribing To

Written by: Raj Jana

Five Things Worth Subscribing To

Ordering something regularly is an easy way to guarantee that you have what you need when you need it. The best part is that you can set and forget most of these products. All you have to do is choose what you want to be included and the payment will be deducted automatically. Then, the goods will show up at your doorstep and you never have to worry about forgetting to order them!

You can purchase a regular, repeating order for both digital and physical products. For instance, Netflix used to be a physical monthly offering. Millennials and Gen Xers will remember ordering DVDs in the mail from Netflix. Now, the streaming service for Netflix is technically a digital monthly commitment. For your fee, you get ongoing access to shows.

Here are five things we think are definitely worth subscribing to. Each item on this list is worth keeping around, and you won’t want to forget to order it. Do you have any of these already? 


#1 - Coffee Subscription

Ahh, it’s time for your morning cup of joe. You head to the kitchen to turn on the machine and—blast!—you forgot to buy beans at the grocery store. Nothing ruins a day like the absence of a hot cup of joe. Well, what if you never had to worry about running out of beans again?

coffee subscription guarantees you a regular delivery of your favorite beans. Choose your quantity and your roast, and you’ll never run out. Some companies even allow you to switch up your order and try out new flavors.

If you’re a caffeine lover, what are you waiting for? It’s not really a question of “if” you’ll have a cup in the morning. Why not streamline the process? A coffee subscription could even save you money. Not only does paying for a year’s worth of grounds in advance earn you a discount, but it’s far cheaper than going out for a daily brew.

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#2 - Streaming


You can’t consider yourself a modern citizen of the world without signing up for at least one streaming service. Pick your poison. From Hulu to Netflix, there are a ton of great platforms that allow you to instantly stream TV shows and movies right from your laptop or mobile device. 

First, there are cost savings to consider. If you had to pay for each individual piece of content, you’d go broke in a month’s time. Instead, the platform pays the licensing fees and individual audience members like you only pay a low monthly fee. That’s a smart budget decision. 

Second, there’s discoverability. Algorithms are smart! You’d never find out about some of these shows unless they popped up on your screen. Since movie stores don’t really exist anymore, a virtual storefront is the best way to discover new content. 

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#3 - Home Supplies Recurring Order


Besides running out of java, there’s one other critical item that you never want to find yourself without: toilet paper. Home supplies are annoying to stock up, there’s no way around it. You can buy in bulk, but then you have to figure out where to store everything. Your other option is to buy it when you remember it, but you run the risk of forgetting and then finding yourself up a creek, toilet paper.

recurring order is a smart way to solve this problem. Simply calculate how much of each product your household typically consumes in a month. Apply this to the most commonly used household supplies: toilet paper, paper towels, dish soap, diapers, pet food, etc. 

Set yourself up with a monthly delivery for these items and you won’t regret it. No more nagging feelings at the grocery store. No more overstocking and jamming extras into the backs of cupboards. A home supplies recurring order can save you energy (and money). 

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#4 - Self-Care Monthly Package


Monthly recurring orders aren’t just about efficiency. They can be fun, too! Lots of small makers and artists offer a monthly box that includes a small sampling of their goods. If you find body products relaxing, why not order a regular monthly package from a local soap shop?

If you’re an office supply aficionado, then you’re in luck. There are lots of office supply monthly boxes online. For the same cost as a fancy lunch, you could receive a cute package every month with pens, notebooks, and stickers. Plus, you’ll be supporting a small business. Win-win!

There are also some fascinating educational monthly boxes for kids. They can explore the globe with a monthly box full of maps and international delights. A science box can provide monthly experiments and open their eyes to the natural world. Try including the whole family in your research. You might find something that delights everyone in your household.

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#5 - Local Newspaper


Local newspapers are dying out, unfortunately. In a time where everyone is a reporter, and news spreads on Twitter before it can be published in a properly researched article, it makes sense. But local journalism is an important part of a healthy society. If you can afford to spend $20 or so to support your local paper, it’s well worth the cost.

When was the last time you read a local paper instead of a national publication? It can be charming and informative to read about the community in your backyard. You’ll learn about the Girl Scouts who recently cleaned up a park, and you’ll discover a ton of important issues that affect your neighbors.

local newspaper monthly commitment represents a low-cost / high-benefit situation. It’s also quaint, we’ll admit. Wouldn’t you like to get a local paper chucked on your doorstep, and read it with your morning cuppa? Sounds like adulting to us. 

We hope these ideas got you thinking about the benefits of a recurring monthly package. There’s no reason to stress out about things that you can automate to make your life easier. Save your time and energy for the people and situations that need your full attention. There’s no need to remember to order a cup of java or more toilet paper. Order a coffee subscription, set it, and forget it.

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