3 Foods That Pair Perfectly With A Hot Cup Of Joe

Written by: Raj Jana

3 Foods That Pair Perfectly With A Hot Cup Of Joe

Food and drinks have long been paired together to create a blissful combination that ignites your taste buds while also bringing you satisfaction and comfort. If you are always searching out the perfect food to accompany different beverages, you probably have some idea of which pair best with a cup of joe. However, if you have never really thought about the foods you eat with this caffeinated beverage, you may be pleasantly surprised by the flavor combinations that will result. 

You have probably heard of people pairing wine with foods to bring out the different notes in the wine, but not many people think of this concerning other drinks. If you are someone who is receiving a coffee subscription service and loves to have a hot cup multiple times a day, why not seek out the perfect food items to eat alongside? 

Outlined below are three foods that could be just right. Once you get inspired, you may be coming up with your unique combinations.

French Toast

While it can be hard to make a gourmet breakfast during the week when you have lots of work to do and want to get up and out of the house as soon as possible, if you have some time on the weekend to cook a lavish breakfast, opt for French toast. French toast is a delicious treat, and it just so happens to be one of the best foods that go along with your favorite caffeinated beverage. The best way to bring out the drink's flavors and the food is to use high-quality ingredients. When you are making your batter, you should combine fresh eggs, a bit of cinnamon, heavy cream (or a plant-based alternative), and even a nutmeg dash. Adding these spices into the eggy mixture will add subtle notes underneath the toast to make every slurp of joe better than the last. What a combination, indeed.

It is also essential that you choose the right bread. Rather than go for a traditional doughy white bread, go for sourdough. While sourdough bread is a bit tougher on the outside, it tends to cook much better when making French toast. You can also let it soak in the eggy mixture much longer as it is denser and will not get soggy quickly. Once the bread is finished, you can top it with maple syrup, fresh fruit, or even candied pecans. The sweet and spicy notes in the French toast paired with your drinks' dark chocolate taste will bring you to cloud nine. Mix up your toppings to keep this treat fresh.

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Eggs & Bacon

While many people like to pair their cup of joe with sweet treats, many other savory options may prove even more fulfilling. The best thing about eggs and bacon is that it's relatively simple to prepare before heading to work in the morning, that is, if you wake up early enough. You can let the bacon cook while you have a shower, then crack the eggs as the joe is brewing. When thinking about flavor combinations, the best ones tend to come when a combination of salt, fat, acid, and heat. This method can even apply to sweet dishes. For example, a lemon tart is both acidic and fatty. 

For bacon and eggs, all of these factors are at play. You have the salt and fat from the bacon and eggs and the caffeinated beverage's acidity all coming together. This combo will create an explosion in your mouth. There is a reason why people love bacon and eggs. If you speak to anyone, they most likely are also pairing theirs with a cappuccino or latte. So if you already are aboard the bacon, eggs, and cup-o-joe train, stay on board as it will be a staple that you should carry with you for the rest of your life. 

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It's time to get back on board the sweet train. While several other savory foods go great with your favorite caffeinated beverage, it would be a shame not to mention cookies. Cookies are a worldwide favorite food to accompany many hot beverages. People have been eating tea and biscuits for centuries in the UK, and there is a reason. Cookies are great for dunking into your hot beverage as it makes them melt in your mouth. As a cup of joe has such an intense flavor that you love, you want to choose more simple cookies, like plain oatmeal or chocolate chips. Or, perhaps you are already a bit of a home baker and want to experiment.

While you may be someone who loves to eat chewy cookies and tend not to reach for the ones that are a little more crunchy, sometimes the crunchy ones can be perfect for your hot beverage as they will get softer once the two combine in your mouth or after your dip. With already moist cookies, some of the cookies fall off and into the bottom of the drink. As these are such a great way to enhance your afternoon pick me up, you should set out a time each week where you can sit down and indulge. It would be nice to do this daily, but sometimes you don't want to eat too many sweets too often, or else you might not feel so good afterward. 

With a coffee subscription service, you are all set to have a cup of joe with one of the above foods.

French toast makes for a luxurious breakfast treat, especially when you use sourdough and cinnamon. Bacon and eggs combine many flavors, while cookies are a safe choice no matter where or when you decide to drink your caffeinated beverage. If your mouth is watering, you better head to the grocery store. 

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