EP 1: Raj Jana - Welcome To The Stay Grounded Podcast

Written by: Raj Jana

EP 1: <!--break-->Raj Jana -<!--break--> Welcome To The Stay Grounded Podcast

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EP. 001 | “You measure yourself by the people that measure themselves by you.” - Phil Knight

Today I’m super excited to let you in on something new that I’ve wanted to do for AGES.

One of the driving forces behind JavaPresse is the search for contagious happiness.

Now happiness means different things to all of us. There’s no real formula, just different ideas.

But those ideas can inspire us, which is why I wanted to start the Stay Grounded Podcast.

I think happiness is at the core of our human experience. It’s a feeling we all crave and look for - and it’s also something we’re really good at complicating. (I know I am!)

For example, we’ll push off the things we love to another time.

We end up prioritizing the wrong stuff because of work pressures and other responsibilities.

But when we’re hungry for joy, we dull our perception of the little things.

Joy is light - and even in the depths of despair there’s always a glimmer that can pull you back into yourself.

It’s why I wanted to create this podcast.

Joy is lightT - and even in the depths of despair theres always a glimmer that can pull you back into yourself.

I wanted to spark conversations about happiness - and the many routes to the feeling we all want to be filled with.

That’s the thing with happiness… There is no set formula, just different paths and different perspectives.

But when we hear other people’s stories, we can feel inspired to find something new in our own lives.

I want you to know that I’ve found some incredible guests for the podcast.

There are people who’ve created good from unspeakable tragedy.

People who’ve walked away from everything to follow their passion.

People who have overcome addiction to inspire others.

Remarkable, simple stories that all have the same ending… happiness everyday :)

So I’d love you to listen in and when you do it’s my wish that you’ll hear something, which unlocks more joy in your life.