EP 12: Matt Kazam - Laughing At Death

Written by: Raj Jana

EP 12: <!--break-->Matt Kazam -<!--break--> Laughing At Death

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EP. 012 | “You are the best doctor for your body. You are the best therapist for your mind. You’ve just got to do the work.”

Rewind the clock 4 ½ years and today’s guest was recovering from a heart attack.

The cumulative effect of a lifetime on the stage had led to everything from diabetes to sleep apnea, to fertility problems, heart disease, and seriously high cholesterol.

But there was something about facing death that shifted professional comedian, Matt Kazam’s perspective.

He shocked him to realize that despite doing the work he was born to do, he was still unhappy.

But in the face of his own mortality, he became more open-minded. He didn’t want to die, he didn’t want to pump himself full of medication. Instead wanted to figure out a ‘real’ way to live a life of joy, health, and happiness.

And it was this insight that transformed his life.

If you created a blueprint for unhappiness, it would be how western society lives its life.

In this episode, Matt shares how he went about undoing 45 years of living the wrong way.

More than fixing his diet, Matt’s story is one of rewiring and re-booting. He attacked his problem from a place of logic and common sense and went back to the way we’re supposed to live our lives.

With a day-to-day structured around rituals and routines that fill Matt with health, positivity, and happiness, Matt’s story is an example of what’s possible when you take charge of your life.

This is a guy who couldn’t tie his shoes - yet six months later he ran a half-marathon.

This is a man who was infertile - but now he’s the inspirational dad to a beautiful three-year-old.

This is an ‘unhappy comic’ who recognized that we’re meant to be happy, positive creatures - so he created a blueprint that allowed him to experience that truth.

Matt’s passion for his journey flows out of every pore. His excitement for life and his passion for figuring out the path to happiness is an inspiration. So listen in and I’m certain Matt will help you see your world through fresh new eyes. He may even inspire you to start a journey of transformation for yourself.

Or listen on Itunes, Sticher, Youtube, Spotify.
If youre looking for joy where joy doesnt exist, youre never going to find it.

Some Questions I Ask:

  • What did your day look like before you transformed your lifestyle? (6:33)
  •  What does your day look like now? (13:58)
  •  Why do you think your routines and rituals are so effective at keeping you in line? (25:54)
  •  How do your non-negotiables help you make happiness a daily priority? (31:10)
  •  If someone feels at rock bottom or they’re not where they want to be, what advice or tips do you have to help them start out on the road to change? (41:07)
  •  How do you stay grounded so you don’t slip back into the way you were? (55:33)

In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  •  The decision that kick-started Matt’s new path. (Spoiler. It was much more than his diet). (3:35)
  •  The reason we must find a home within ourselves (and not someone else) (10:46)
  •  The reason we must find a home within ourselves (and not someone else) (10:46)
  •  The number 360 and why better nutrition and health alone aren’t enough to feel happy. (9:48)
  •  The quote that has become Matt’s mantra - and how it guides his life each day. (11:39)
  •  What Matt’s morning juice means to him (14:25)
  •  The critical role coffee plays in Matt’s day. (19:49)
  •  Why Matt lingers at the grocery store and how this plays into his new rules for food. (23:00)
  •  The single biggest thing he’s learnt on his journey. (24:14)
  •  What Matt has to say about gratitude and how he uses it as fuel to pay it forward. (34:08)
  •  Matt’s inspiring connection with veterans suffering from PTSD. (38:40)
  •  Why you need to be aware of the status quo and the power of THREE DAYS. (42:00)
  •  The importance of getting away from the television - and what you can do instead. (51:00)
  •  Why his mother’s ‘turkey tray’ was a trigger for his new lifestyle. (53:30)
  •  The wake up call of infertility and how being a dad is now a guiding force for the future. (55:50)
  • Plus much more…