EP 13: Edward Bryan - Complacency is the Devil

Written by: Raj Jana

EP 13: <!--break-->Edward Bryan -<!--break--> Complacency is the Devil

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EP. 013 | "Even when you’re firing on all cylinders there’s always something falling behind that you can improve on."

Edward Bryan is my incredible personal trainer who I work with in Houston, Texas.

But rewind to his youth, and you’d never imagine health and fitness would be his path. At the age of 17, Edward weighed 380lbs. He was also diagnosed with hypertension and atrial fibrillation - an incredibly rare condition for a man of his age.

So he took the meds he was prescribed and kept partying and ignoring his health.

Until he hit 22.

It started out as a day just like any other but ended with a 19-hour stint in the emergency room. Edward was used to his heart playing up, but this episode was different. The medics couldn’t reset its rhythm and he was threatened with heart surgery.

After being prescribed two additional meds with terrifying side-effects, Edward realized this was the point his life had to change. And from that moment forward, Edward has taken total responsibility for his health - with incredible results.

Despite the odds, he lost his weight, became a highly sought-after personal trainer, and dropped all medication bar a beta blocker.

Im always trying to break myself every single day to humble me it helps me keep rolling.

Edward is an inspiring person to train with, but it’s not just his PT skills that motivate me.

What I love most about Edward is that he hacked his way from conventional thought and experimented until he found a way that worked for him.

From figuring out what triggered his heart episodes to testing diets to understand what would help him thrive, Edward is constantly looking to improve.

He’s proof that even when the medical profession say life is going to be a particular way, you DON’T have to accept their diagnosis.

Instead, with the right commitment, discipline, and gratitude, you can make the most of the hand you’ve been dealt to live an incredible life.

Check out Edward’s story and see for yourself.

Or listen on Itunes, Sticher, Youtube, Spotify.
I was comfortable being medicated and I was comfortable with my diseases. I realized if I got that far back on my own, I can claw my way forward on my own.

Some Questions I Ask:

  •  What kind of mindset did it take for you to start ‘testing’ on yourself? (11:26)
  •  What tips can you share with people who feel comfortable with their life and want to take action to move forward before they hit rock bottom? (17:45)
  •  Walk me through your daily routine. How do you squeeze in all the activities that help you make the most of life? (21:44)
  •  How does gratitude play a role in your daily life? (25:49)
  •  Can you share some of the resources that you found helpful when you were getting healthy? (33:30)
  •  In the midst of everything that’s happened, how do you keep the train moving? (37:18)

In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  •  The trigger that set Edward’s life on a whole new path. (1:33)
  •  The discovery that changed Edward’s diet and how it helped him lose 100lbs. (8:30)
  •  The little talked about problem with high grain, carbohydrate diets. (10:42)
  •  The mindset Edward’s mum installed that paved the way for him to heal himself. (11:38)
  •  Why medication represented complacency and only led to Edward digging himself a deeper hole. (14:28)
  •  Why waking up seriously early helps him stay humble and appreciative. (21:58)
  •  How coffee features in Edward’s day. (24:07)
  •  The insight that helped Edward get off all his meds but one. (26:51)
  •  Why a job at the ‘Y’ was the stepping stone into a personal training career. (29:58)
  •  How life coaching changed his life. (33:56)
  •  The inspiration behind Edward’s decision to become a Primal Health Coach. (35:36)
  •  Why ‘cheat days’ are unavoidable and necessary. (38:12)
  • Plus much more…